For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, Tom Waits has been up to something. Strange emails have been circulating and posts have also been doing the rounds from the Anti camp, all of which were hinting at something new and exciting.

Following the highly successful release of the spectacular ”˜Bad as Me’ album last year and the ambiguity of the images and messages which were being posted (the image above was, for example, accompanied by the phrase ”˜ Permission to come aboard?’) people immediately got into a fluster as it looked like an announcement of live dates may have been on the horizon. The rumour mills went into overdrive and before anything had been confirmed, hearsay decreed that a new Tom Waits tour was imminent.

It transpires that, alas, this was not the news which was in store for us, but instead, it was the unveiling of a new video. Whilst it’s difficult for me to hide my disappointment, I am sure that my wallet is breathing a huge sigh of relief. I was lucky enough to catch the legend on his last European tour in 2008 and the memories are still vivid enough to ensure that I would be first in line for tickets to any upcoming show, credit card at the ready, regardless of how hungry, stranded and jobless it may have left me.

Waits isn’t the biggest fan of international touring and his last appearance in the UK was in support of 2004’s ”˜Real Gone’ album.

This begs the question; ”˜Do you have any live memories of the great man himself? When and where did you see Tom Waits?’ Please feel free to share any stories, pictures or memories which you may have of the elusive eccentric’s live performances.

In the meantime, here is the new video for ”˜Hell Broke Luce’:

All words by Colin McCracken. Read more from Colin on his website or follow him on Twitter.



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