Tom Robinson : top 10 favourite albums : number 7 : 1991 EG & ALICE – 24 Years Of Hunger

One of those collaborations made in the heat of a love affair, that didn’t outlast the romance itself. The record is long deleted and you can’t buy it digitally for love nor money. In the 80s Eg White had been first in Yip Yip Coyote originally and then Brother Beyond. When he left that second band he and his partner – former BMX champion Alice Temple – decided to make a record together in the kitchen of their basement flat in Notting Hill. The playing and production are immaculate and – although it’s musically a period piece – the emotional integrity of the lyrics and vocal performances is still stunning after all this time. These songs are the dark, brooding melancholic soundtrack to an impending breakup. Beautifully crafted by two young British musicians of extraordinary talent. Eg White is now one of the UK’s most successful songwriters (for Adele, Duffy, Will Young, James Blunt, Joss Stone, Natalie Imbruglia, James Morrison etc) so he has no need or motivation to ever re-release this classic. It’s a record you need to hear, but it looks like begging, borrowing or stealing are your only options.

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