Tom Robinson : Top 10 favourite albums : number 10 : 2009 tUnE-yArDs – BiRd-BrAiNs

Trying to pick just ten favourite albums of all time is like trying to decide which of your fingers you’d be willing to cut off. In the event you end up with the memorable, game-changing LPs that sprang out from nowhere and didn’t sound like anything else you’d ever heard at the time. By the late noughties that was happening less and less, as Pop continued to Eat Itself in ever shorter cycles. This whole process was exacerbated by YouTube – suddenly the music of every era from the dawn of the Rockn’Roll era through to Justin Bieber was available within a couple of mouse clicks. So how refreshing to hear Hatari yodelling its way out of our radio speakers – followed by an album recorded on a dictaphone, purely because Merrill Garbus “liked the sound” it made. The rise of tUnE-yArDs everything I love about independent music in the 21st Century. A gifted female artist taking on the male-dominated music industry at their own game and winning. A completely fresh blue-sky approach to songwriting. Humour, lightness of touch. Political engagement. And the great, glorious world of DIY music making taking the world by storm. What’s not to like?

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