Tom Petty attempts to stop Republican frontrunner from using his song

Tom Petty has registered his displeasure at Tea Party favourite and Republican party front runner Michelle Bachmann – the slightly less loopy version of Sarah Palin, from using his old hit ‘American Girl’ as her campaign song.

In yet another example of the right misappropiating pop culture to their own ends; like Ronald Reagan using Bruce Springsteen’s Born In The USA without listening to the verses, the very non Republican Petty finds himself in a worse version of the problem that faced Paul Weller when David Cameron started telling people how much he loved ‘Eton Rifles’.

Weller swore when he found out, but at least his song was not sued as a rabble rousing campaign trail anthem.

Can Tom Petty stop her using the song?

Does it matter?

Once a song is released does it belong to anyone no matter how they interpret it?


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  1. Nothing to stop anyone re-recording a song to their own ends after a point in time but respect to Petty for getting out there to stop his own version being used. I’d be fighting people for trying to use any song I’d been a part of from using it to ends I don’t agree with, political ends especially.

    I’m not surprised Weller swore, Cameron is a knob …. inmho

  2. They should have made her use “Running Down a Dream” by Petty – that would have been more appropriate for the GOP :s

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