Jones BobTom Jones or Billy Childish? Battle of the Bob Dylan cover versions.

Which is the better take on ‘One More Cup of Coffee’: Tom Jones from his new LP Surrounded by Time or Billy Childish – working under the name The William Loveday Intention – on his the New and Improved Bob Dylan LP? 

It’s a 1976 Bob Dylan classic from the Desire album and one of his most darkly romantic songs.

We at LTW have been very impressed with Sir Tom’s Talking Reality Television Blues cover and his version of No Hole In My Head so were looking forward to him taking on Dylan.

It sounds like the arrangement owes a bit to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and is melodic and dramatic with a cinematic production.

William Loveday (aka Billy Childish)’s take on the song is perhaps more faithful to the original and is passionate and raw – with some extraordinary fiddle-playing and a very strong vocal.

So which do you think is best?

Or do you prefer the original or the (frankly, appalling) White Stripes version?

Enough objectivity – the William Loveday Intention is the one which nails it in my opinion.   Although Tom’s album is a very impressive collection, he doesn’t quite capture this song as well as he perhaps could’ve….

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All words Ged Babey

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