Tom Jones calls Simon Cowell out for not being qualified to judge

Tom Jones, who is one of judges on new TV series The Voice which goes up against the rubbish Britain’s Got Talent (one of the worst TV shows ever) next Saturday says that Simon Cowell is not qualified to be a judge.
It may be an obvious piece of press and media positioning against a rival show but Tom Jones does have a point. He told the Daily Mirror that Simon Cowell is just a record man and is not qualified to judge a singer since he does not sing himself.

Of course Cowell is only looking at the commercial potential of what’s in front of him and the art and talent has little to do with it, but Tom Jones does have a point and no one could call his singing talent into question…

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  1. Of course its a media soundbite to promote this rival show – its absolute rubbish and I think Tom Jones knows it – everyone is entitled to an opinion on singing even if they can’t do it themselves. Cowell may be absolute arsehead and a poor judge but that doesn’t enter into it.

  2. […] in the extreme. They don\’t play the game. They don\’t sell out. They exist in a world that Simon Cowell probably doesn\’t even know […]


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