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A short sharp shock of an LP from East Anglian project hardcore band Tokyo Lungs borrows heavily from extreme Japanese and US Hardcore bands reckons Nathan Brown.

Tokyo Lungs is half of East Anglian hardcore band Domestics – James Domestic and Simon Battery. Consequently, there is a distinct similarity to what The Domestics do. It’s bashy, shouty, sharp and stabby. 24 songs zoom past in 20 minutes. Only 5 hit the minute mark.  And they’ve got a song about lockdown. Very now.

The lyric sheet is all typewriter font in the style of an 80’s record and the cover art is loaded with Japanese imagery. Lyrically there’s a fair amount of personal introspection and exorcising of demons with some externally projected hatred of bigots, including the ones found in the punk scene.

Think classic Japanese hardcore like Systematic Death and Lipcream crossed with Ripcord’s Defiance of Power album. The maniac shouting emulates the likes of Negative Approach as well as the aforementioned Japanese bands. There are also some cheeky little guitar tricks that keep it interesting. It’s wonderful hardcore by numbers. While for some there is only so much of this stuff that you need, for the diehards this will be another “must-have” shouty hardcore record.

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Words by Nathan Brown. Check out his Louder Than War Author Archive.

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Nathan got bitten by the punk rock bug at the tender age of 7, when The Kids Were United and Sid Was Innocent. Since then, inspired by the anarcho-punk movement he has played in numerous bands including Armoured Flu Unit, Liberty, Abrazos, Whole In The Head & Haywire; written for zines, promoted gigs and was one half of DJ outfit Aggro-Culture Sound System. He has No Gods, No Masters and since meeting many of them has No More Heroes.


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