Tips for 2018! – Sink Ya Teeth – fierce new female duo from Norwich

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First in a series of recommended acts to look out for in 2018 -You read about them here first! (probably)


Sink Ya Teeth

We have been fans of Norwich duo Sink Ya Teeth for some time now.

Maria Uzor and Gemma Cullingford’s angular post-punk with synth is a perfect 21st-century take on the DIY the late seventies dislocated music that was a John Peel staple and is released by 1965 records. Not that this is wallowing in the past.

They take the freeform creativity of that period, that post punk disco mash and it’s no rules ethic but make it sound perfectly modern with the effervescent thrill of creativity and spirit of the likes of the Raincoats, the Slits and ESG and jam it with an electronic clatter and a fanzine ethic and a wonderful soundtrack of quirky and brilliant songs in a perfectly sparse, spartan sound with songs that captivate with their melodic thrill and catchy as fuck vocals and bass lines and a vibrant energy and that sense of space and crackle of xerox energy and yet another interesting band emerging from Norwich.


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Sink Ya Teeth  official website 

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