footballThe women’s World Cup has been capturing people’s imagination far more than usual. High TV profile and a higher level of playing has seen this as quite literally a game changer.

Football is one of the last male bastions – a blokey world run by a corrupt elite and a world where even a female lines’man’ creates controversy. It seems like its stuck in the 19th century.

For instance can the women’s national team beat a men’s team from Division one or two? Would be interesting to see…

Surely the best women players in the world must be at a high enough level to play professional football at some level. They have the fitness levels and the skills. It almost seems weird that sport is still split into different sexes. Surely it can’t be long before the great levelling occurs but will it be allowed?

Does it matter or would you prefer to keep sport separate?

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  1. Don’t you mean the Women’s European Championships (Women’s EURO 2017) which are currently taking place?


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