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Northside. One of the leading lights of the Madchester scene. With their distinctive jangly guitar sound songs like Shall We Take A Trip, My Rising Star and Take 5 would not have been the same without the talent of Tim Walsh.

Today, Tuesday 20th August, on the bands social media pages it has been announced the passing of Walsh and with that tragic news a flood of memories, all happy I would add, spring to mind when thinking of the underrated musician.

Two stand out memories are as follows. As a 16 year old with hair aka to Clint Boon, but a blond version plus with my leg in a plaster of Paris cast, I saw Northside on their Take 5 tour at Rock City in Nottingham. The crowd was smallish but that didn’t get in the way of Cressa like dancing from all in attendance, Tim’s stand out chords leading the bouncing down the front and my efforts to pull some shapes were guided no doubt by his majestic playing.

Finally Northside reform with all 4 original members in 2013. Their Factory records back catalogue is rereleased by Cherry Red, I was lucky enough to write the sleeve notes for the release furthermore with a tour announced I once more got to see the band in a live setting.

With just the same amount of groove than the 90’s the gig at Derby’s Warehouse was a belter. The band were in good spirits backstage. My first and lasting impressions of Tim are a humble character, gently spoken and with a caring nature. He spoke to me with interest in what I wrote about the band with glowing thanks for my efforts. I was fortunate enough to be in possession of some rare Northside material that I gave him, again he was overly grateful for my gift.

No doubting others will have similar if not more precious memories of the great man, but for now as his rising star hits the lofty heights of the divine world let us remember his talent as best displayed in song. RIP TIM WALSH

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  1. Truly gutted to hear of Timmy’s passing. RIP, fella. Love and thoughts to Big Tim, Teresa and all his family and friends. Heartbreaking news. x

  2. Went to the same schools growing up from junior to secondary often in the same class, sometimes we were friends sometimes we didn’t like each other very much, even lived on same street for years, he did a great Gary numan impression a decent lad God rest his soul, condolences to his family and friends.

  3. Sad news shocked to hear, im a massive fan of northside and had the pleasure of playing tony Wilson show up in moss side for granada tv.
    I loved northside for there music plus their sence of humour, i have a picture of dermo timmy and myself when they came to play skala my back yard, what a sad time for all the family, his close friends and the fans, his guitar playing was second to none. Never gonna guess what it is never gonna guess what it is Take 5,
    Moody places, fucking tunes, xxx much love timmy rip from Flowered up

  4. Not seen Timmy for a while but a mate’s always a mate innit.
    He knocked about with me n Gabe, (my bruv-who got off in 2015), for a couple of years, he always emptied my fridge in the middle of the night when he stayed at mine. Man, could that lad eat!!
    I’ve only got good memories of him.
    Wherever he is I hope he’s cool.


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