TIm takes over the town!
TIm takes over the town!

TIm takes over the town!
TIm takes over the town!

Record Store Day is now a major event on the calendar…not only can you celebrate by buying vinyl in key underground record sores there’s a whole plethora of cool events to go to…

Tim Burgess from the Charlatans has a great new label and is throwing a party for some of his bands on the night of Record Store Day in Manchester at Kraak gallery.

He explains, ‘Piccadilly Records asked me if I wanted to come and play some records in their shop, so we thought we’d carry things on with some of our favourite bands. I always love the chance to spin a few records alongside Liam Quinn, we got Paul Hallows to do a poster – I’d seen some of his ace artwork for gigs and we’d wanted to work with him. I’d heard good things about what goes on at Kraak so it all fell into place…’

Saturday 21st April

Kraak, 11 Stevenson Sq, Behind Hula Bar

O Genesis celebrated Record Store Day

£2 on the door // cheap drinks // vinyl only

9pm – 2.30am


Blood Music
Release of Orphee// Sea of Leaves
“Immense, guitars you can lose yourself in” Maryanne Hobbs

Nik Colk Void
Nik is one third of Factory Floor and one quarter of O Genesis and one third of Carter Tutti Void on their stunning album Transverse
Her single O Gen 007: Gold E sold out instantly and came with a polyurethane sleeve.

Keel Her
Rose Keeler-Schäffeler came to us via her lo fi gems that we fell in love with as quick as they appeared on soundcloud.
She’s about to record her debut single for O Genesis


Tim Burgess
Liam Quinn // Pasta Paul // Craig Campbell // Ross Roberts // Miz De Shannon


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