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Throbbing Gristle ”20 Jazz Funk Greats’

A lot has been written about this album and rightly so; it created a genre and a movement and also inspired many. ‘Beachy Head’ could fit in any film whilst ‘Still Walking’ is the (then brand new/and probably never replicated) ”Techno Disco’

‘Convincing People’ and ‘Persuasion’ are pure incitement/instigation and takes their industrial vision one step forward from the ‘United/Zyclon B Zombie’ 7”

Both versions of ‘Discipline’ (Berlin & Manchester) are unsettling, sexual and brutal, in a way that has never been put to record before or since

Yo! Genesis you rule!!!

Wu-Tang Clan – ‘Forever’

The best Wu record in my opinion for the simple reason that I, along with millions of others, waited 4 years for this record to drop after becoming a huge fan of the debut -‘Enter The Wu Tang Clan’ (36 chambers) and the RZA produced solo offerings. It didn’t dissapoint ‘Triumph’ is an absolute masterpiece featuring every member of the 9 strong clan plus new addition Cappadonna. ‘Dog Shit’ showed us how the Ol Dirty (RIP) solo show woud go; ‘Sunshower’ paved the way for future RZA solo albums. The follow up to ‘C.R.E.A.M”. Cash still rules/scary hours is Raekwon/Ghostface/Method man at their Mafioso best haha

Kraftwerk – ‘Radioactivity’

This is my personal favourite from, well” ahem”a really stong catalogue

‘Ohm Sweet Ohm’ is untouchable as is the title track and ‘Radioland’ and ‘Airwaves’ are just so”¦. Well, happy! ‘Uranium’ is the string part for New Order’ Blue Monday

What more can I say ?????

My Bloody Valentine ”Loveless’

It is untouchable in my opinion definitely in my top ten albums of all time

Again this record has been dissected and mulled over for 20 years but to me To Here Knows When just kills me

I am friends with Kevin and Debs and love them dearly I try and separate the record and them as my friends but sometimes I have an awe struck moment and forget what I am talking to them about x

Section 25 ”“ ‘Always Now’

Never far away from my thoughts this album is part of the fabric of my late teens Friendly Fires, Dirty Disco, New Horizons and Babies In The Bardo Huge inspiration for me.

Produced by Martin Hannett for Factory Records in 1981 and housed in the most expensive record sleeve ever, just reminds me of why I am in a band.

Yoko Ono ‘The Fly

Seems a good time to talk about anything Lennon or Ono. I hadn’t heard of this record til I first went to New York in 1990 and it was recommended to me by my press agent Kenny Weinstein from Manhattan. I am obsessed by Mind Train (I borrowed it as a loop for The Charlatans’Bullett Comes in 95) for the solid jams (led by JL featuring Ringo, Klaus Voorman and Eric Clapton) and Don’t Worry Kyoko for the primal screams and the slide guitar snarl , hmmm I love this record. It’s cosmic and timeless.

Arthur Russell ‘€œ first thought best thought (instrumentals volume 1 and volume 2)
Not everything has to be in your face and this album by Arthur is as gentle and as introspective as he ever got. Put together with cabassa, oboe, cello tambourine it doesn’t get much livelier than” lovely.

It is sad and gentle and yes ! lovely.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti ”“ Before Today

My favourite album of 2010 because I find it the most inspirational in every way. It is Californian sunshine rock the way it should be all the clichEs are out and rewritten in new cliches. Modern day Beach Boys meets Doors meets Harry Nilson meets Michael Jackson

It’s more Heat magazine than the bible and all the better for it. Check out the deranged lyrics of Menopause Man, the pure pop of ‘Round and Round and updated Midnight Cowboy Theme Reminiscences.It’s Awesome!!!!

CRASS ”“ ‘Stations Of The Crass’

Could be any CRASS album but I chose Stations because it just came on my iPod! How can you deny the fucking power of  Mother Earth, the charm of White Punk On Hope,  the GIRL POWER of Darling (protection protection protection protection protection protection protection) hello hero hero hallo hello hero hello hello and the “disco dancing post punk genius” of Walls”¦.

I went to see Steve Ignorant play in manchester  recently and his solo versions of I Ain’t Thick It’s Just A Trick was great…’crutch of society/heard to much about was  authentic shit!!!! It was the bomb!

Brian Jonestown Massacre ”“ their satanic majesties Request

I have known Anton since 1999 BJM were the first band I ever saw while I was living in Los Angeles and this is my favourite album of theirs the brilliant intro and outro All Around You and the US shoegaze classic Miss June 75′

shows how precsise the cosmic concept was on this record Anenom is pure Psychic TV/Evil with the lyrical outro ”“ “now that your not around”sounding like its permenent removal and he is happy very about it. Donovan said is vulnerable and fragile til the chorus line where it gets all finger pointing and angry. BJM will always remind me of parties on North McCadden Place in Los Angeles.we had fun yessssss!!!!!! it was fun!!!

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  1. can someone point me in the right direction of PTV – there’s somehow a link between BJM and PTV but i never got it – but it’s alluded to above. I love BJM.

  2. He should put the Stone Roses first album in there, considering it is the reason he has a career in the first place.

  3. Very in vogue choices, no doubt a similar answer would be given by The Horrors/SCUM/Toy or any other young band he hangs around with now. I reckon ten years ago his ‘all time top ten’ would have heavily featured the likes of Gram Parsons/Curtis Mayfield ( aka when he was in LA going through his Country Rock and falsetto soul phase) who are nowhere to be seen on this list. It just smacks of hipsterism, where its cool to namecheck stuff thats of the moment or in vogue then jettisoning it when the next fad comes along.


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