Tim Burgess O Genesis Label Release Compilation Album‘…..And Now Our Lives Are Complete’, an O Genesis compilation album, will be released On 10th March 2014.

Tim Burgess’ O Genesis Label are set to celebrate three years of great seven inch and vinyl album releases with a compilation album in March 2014.

Released on CD and limited edition double vinyl, the album features eighteen tracks from the likes of Factory Floor’s Nik Colk, Kurt Wagner, Hatcham Social, R. Stevie Moore, Minny Pops, Throwing Up, Membranes and Burgess himself.

Taking it’s inspiration from the Factory Records ethos of the late 70’s and 80’s, the imprint began in 2011 with the release of a Joseph Coward single and has since flourished into one of the most important and challenging independent labels around right now. Toomany highlights to mention, since that first release there has been a constant stream of truly groundbreaking and stunning singles and albums from a varied line up new and established artists.


  • Jack Underwood – ‘Certain’
  • Electricity In Ourhomes – ‘Drumming Around The Room’
  • Joseph Coward – ‘If You Want To Get Going Get Talking To Me’
  • Tim Burgess – ‘Anytime Minutes’
  • Keel Her – ‘Boner Hit’
  • R.Stevie Moore – ‘Post Break Up Sex’
  • Education For Death – ‘Emma’
  • Slowgun – ‘Heavy Head Boy’
  • Throwing Up – ‘Big Love’
  • Jack Underwood – ‘Maths’
  • Kurt Wagner – ‘A Case For Vinyl’
  • Nik Colk Void – ‘Gold E’
  • Blood Music – ‘Sea Of Leaves’ (Gabe Gurnsey Factory Floor Remix)
  • Pavlovs Children -‘Little Douglas’
  • Minny Pops –‘Glistering’
  • Asia Argento & Tim Burgess – ‘Hours / Ours’
  • Hatcham Social – ‘More Power’
  • Membranes – ‘Universe’
  • Jack Underwood – ‘Your Horse’
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