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Tiger Mimic’s third single of 2020, King Of Machines, is out now on 31% Wool. Full of jagged verses and snarling choruses, the band say it’s “a lament and a grave rebuttal to the hate, hypocrisy, fear, and callousness that has defined the political landscape in recent years”. 

The four piece Tiger Mimic are made up of Americans Jess Rhodes (vocals & keys), Bram Johnson (guitar & vocals) and Brits, Ben Willis (bass & backing vocals) and George Latham (drums) and have been making a serious noise in the live London scene since late 2018. Even though the world has gone askew in 2020 with the pandemic the band have kept going, recording and releasing new music.

King Of Machines is “a fiery anthem of disbelief for a world that has become almost unrecognisable” and has a bloody stunning animated video to accompany it. Created by guitarist Bram Johnson, also a talented Visual Designer and Artist, it fits the track perfectly and is often unnerving and nightmarish (practically heading into Pink Floyd/Gerard Scarfe territory). Anyone interested should also check out the videos to the previous singles; It Was Still Dark (animated) and Where The Fire Used To Be (spoofing black and white Detective Pulp movies of the 1950’s).

The bands sound evokes The White Stripes, Queens Of The Stone Age, and a darker side of The Strokes, but there is also a bit of Queen like ‘pomp’ in there in the middle eight (just saying).

A seething send-off to this lost year King Of Machines is one last sonic jolt to the silence of 2020.

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Tiger Mimic


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