money cigar Lookout! it’s a revolution!

Sort of.

The world’s richest pop stars have made a stand against streaming music by setting up their own service and then charging you more for their music.

Fuck off!

Being out of touch goes with the turf of being hot air pop star. Sometimes they save the world and sometimes they expect you to save up and buy it.

What are we meant to say as we watch their expensive faces grouped together trying to claim a high moral ground but just grabbing more dollars for their overfed arses.

In an astonishing press conference where they quoted Nietzsche and stood there in all their multi-million dollar finery and seemed oblivious to their multi-corporate credentials, the world’s richest pop stars asked us to cancel our Spotify subscription and pay double for their own self-owned Tidal service. Justifying it because it is “higher quality” and “artist-owned”. Thanks

In an astounding display of the “out of touch, living on another planet” superstar behaviour the super-rich asked us for more money because they are ‘artists’ – Usher, Daft Punk, and Madonna, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Chris Martin, and Jack White promoting Tidal the European streaming company recently purchased by plucky indie godhead Jay Z for 50 million dollars to make a stand against the man. or something.

Rumours that tidal will be renamed Greed are just that. Rumours.

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  1. I will wait to see how much more money they pay artists than Spotify. If it is more then I will pay the difference. The ego or clothes of the people whom are launching this service is largely irrelevant to me to be honest

  2. They even used The Haxan Cloak’s music on that cringeworthy ad without his permission so they obviously don’t care that much about artists


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