Thurston Moore starts new group Chelsea Light Moving

Thurston Moore starts new group Chelsea Light Moving

Thurston Moore has started a new group with Samara Lubelski, Keith Wood, and John Moloney, called Chelsea Light Moving. The group will release their as yet untitled debut album via Matador later this year.

Matador are currently streaming the first track to be made available ”ËœBurroughs

The press release, as penned by Thurston Moore (in the third person):

““Burroughs” is the first track from a session recorded in the wilds of Western Massachusetts in the springtime of 2012. It was inspired by the last words of the gentleman who wrote the most significant experimental novels of the late 20th century (Naked Lunch, Soft Machine, The Ticket That Exploded etc.) ”“ writer William S. Burroughs (“Love? What is it? Most natural painkiller what there is.”).
After sitting in the Orgone box planted in Burroughs’ back yard of Lawrence, Kansas in the midpoint of the 1990s, Thurston Moore came to the realization that at some point he’d need to form a band that played Burroughs Rock.
This is the sound of Wild Boys looking to jack hypos of core passion into their veins. Boy on boy. Girl on girl. Start there. It’s not even music ”“ it’s an amphetamine sonnet for the on-the-loose lovers of the world. Chelsea Light Moving will play your town. Right now we’re playing Friday June 22 2012 at the Sled Island bizarro freak slam in Calgary, Alberta near where Neil Young used to skinny dip when he was a laser-brained teen. Then we play Missoula, hometown of zero pop hate puppy Steve Albini. Then we play Boulder and Denver Colorado before Thurston settles down for a week of teaching at the summer writing workshop at Naropa University. Also on the faculty are Amiri Baraka and Anne Waldman, which means: More tunes, more damage. Another song comes yr way in a week, even sicker.”

Whilst there has been no ‘official’ split of Sonic Youth we think its a safe bet that they are in hiatus for the foreseeable future; this follows the marriage seperation of Moore and Kim Gordon in October 2011, in addition Lee Ranaldo has recently released his own’Between the Times and the Tides,’ album also via Matador.

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