Thurston Moore and Lily Allen in twitter spat

Lily Allen seems to be able to start a war in a paper bag or at least get into twitter rows with the ease of an old school pop star from back in the days when everyone cared/gave a fuck/ or liked to feel outraged by what the youth were singing and talking about.

Her latest spat comes hot on the heals of the video for her xmas single, which was an ironic take on the whole recent sexist video debate but backfired in some people’s eyes for the alleged patronising use of black dancers gyrating around a white singer- wether this is missing the point or part of our current- people like to be offended and getting online to vex about it culture- is another micro essay for a culture student.

The latest spat sees young Lily involved in a twitter row with veteran musician Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth (if, indeed it is the great guitarman himself or a  fake account…) , who stepped into a twitter row between a friend of his on Twitter, the writer Joe Bishop and the vociferous pop singer after a heated online debate had blown up between the pair on Twitter.

For some reason and, we kind of hope and think with his tongue firmly lodged in his cheek, Thurston typed ‘Sonic Youth find your video abhorrent and your corruption of the word ‘bird’ to ‘birdy’ asinine and grotesque’, adding ‘simmer down and stop using ‘vexed’ in the digital age”.

It didn’t stop there…Thurston returned later to tell the pop singer that she should listen to Sonic Youth’s 1988 ‘Daydream Nation’ album to help with her, ‘inner rage’. His tweet said, and surely by now he was messing around, ‘Lily I read a great book about inner rage. It really helped me. I will lend it to you. It has a dolphin on the cover’… actually it has a candle on the cover and I’m thinking of a Sonic Youth album. I will send you an iTunes store link x”.

Will it do Lily any good? should she be listening to Sonic Youth? would this be like the Grateful Dead instructing a punk band to buy one of their albums in 1977? or is it all 21st century digital fun and games!

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