Throwing Stuff: TSFU – album review

Throwing Stuff – TSFU 


Throwing Stuff  set out to be a sort of boozey spoof of great 80s hardcore, think dischord meets Dischord. Louder Than War’s Adrian Bloxham has been listening to their new album read what he thinks below.

Throwing stuff sound like they are having a serious laugh. They sound as rough as the inside of your mouth the morning after a gallon of scrumpy cider and a cheap kebab. They are not big and they are not clever, they are a whoopee cushion left on the chair, a flower that squirts water or a handshake buzzer. They are not a joke band, just one that sounds like its having an enormous amount of fun.

They are from Manchester and this is their first record, it’s called TSFU which, as far as the shoutalong section of the intro song goes, stands for Throwing Stuff Fuck You! It’s got nine tracks and lasts for around eleven minutes. The idea was to provide a boozey spoof of great eighties hardcore and in this it has done them proud.


You can hear echoes of everyone from the Kennedys to GBH here, name your favourite band from the scene back then and you will find something from them on this collection of chaotic genius.

The vocals are silly and humorous – to throat shredding high and strained; you can see the veins standing up on his neck. It’s kind of like they stood with their instruments and had a go. The songs are funny but really really good, the way that the mantra from War of the Worlds is turned into some kind of growing battle cry on ‘Throwing Shapes’ just works. In ‘Throwing Jelly’ after talking about taking clothes off when they get home there’s an extended section with ‘Astrology is Bullshit’ over and over, with a giggle.

They have a song called ‘Throwing Common Sense Out Of The Window For Short Term Financial Gain’ which may sound like all the rest of the album but with a title like that needed pointing out. The music is hardcore and nasty, noisy and rough, but the standout factor is the vocal, the chantalong choruses and the shouted harmonies circle around the deranged stream of words spewing all the way across the record, it sounds like he’s trying to keep up at some points and at others it just sounds bloody deranged.

The last song is eight seconds long and is called ‘Napalm Death, Fuck You’. You already know what it sounds like, it sounds brilliant.

I think that any serious music fan will avoid this like the plague; personally I think it’s a work of genius and urge you all to pay for the download now from bandcamp. It’s about time hardcore giggled again.

Throwing Stuff’s website is here. They are on Facebook here & can be found on Twitter as @Throwing_Stuff. You can name your own price for the digital album here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.


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