Thom Yorke posts photo of mystery white vinyl – and causes fan meltdown- is this the new Radiohead?***STOP PRESS – READ OUR REVIEW OF THOM YORKE’S NEW ALBUM HERE.

In that very modern way of a just one fuzzy image causing all kinds of excitement and digital pondering Thom Yorke has posted a photo of a piece of mystery white vinyl on what looks like some kind of seventies stereo system on Tumblr causing much head scratching.

Is this some kind of arcane hint at the new Radiohead album, the one that has been hinted at over the last few months? the one that Johnny Greenwood hinted at at BBC Radio 6

“[Radiohead is] going to start up in September, playing, rehearsing and recording and see how it’s sounding”.

Of course it could just be a piece of random white vinyl bought from a  car boot sale or it could be one of the many side projects involving Yorke or his band members…whatever it is it’s better than bombarding the world with your new album like U2 have just deemed as being ‘punk rock’.

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  1. Godrich also posted photo. Personally think it’s the music from the Polyfauna app. Either way, it’s time to get excited :)


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