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Just to prove how open minded we are at LTW here is a Think Tank that we don’t agree with at all! Please comment and add your thoughts on Think Tank : should London declare itself independent from the rest of the UK
All this talk of Scottish independence has made me think that one obvious place to call for independence is London itself. Already an economic powerhouse in every way that Scotland is not and with a far bigger population a call for the break away of the current capital city makes complete sense.

Does London really need the rest of the UK? the ungrateful provinces who are always claiming a bias in every way towards the capital city whilst we have to subside them all with our tax.

It’s getting increasingly unfair and a burden on one of the world’s major cities to be be stuck with the rest of the UK and its own problems of its making. It’s holding London back- the future is about key city states- cities like Nw York, Berlin, Tokyo are far ahead of their surrounding nations and can easily survive in the modern world on their own.

London should set the example for this and break away from the rest of the UK.

Culturally we are so different, as a lifelong Labour voter I can never find any agreement with my friends in north when they visit me and are surprised by my having a nanny and a gardener as if this is contravening some code of being on the left. Where I live that’s normal and it’s just a small reminder of how separate we already are from the rest of the country in the way we think.

Culturally, economically and every other reason you can think of London is far ahead and needs to move on- we can longer be used to subside the rest of the UK…it’s time to vote for independence like the Scots are and move into the 21st century and break from the shackles of our past.

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