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Things we didn’t know a month ago:  September 2019

Even though it comes around every twelve months everyone knows someone who will utter the words “I can’t believe it’s October already”. Keith Goldhanger looks back on the month of September 2019 and provides us with some new music.

September is the month when one man, holed up in a tiny caravan in the Outer Hebrides, is listening to scores of bands he’s never heard of before in preparation for the annual Sŵn Festival in Cardiff. This involves two things: first of all spending committed evenings hitting the play buttons and browsing through the bands’ Facebook pages for a few minutes, and secondly not going to the Outer Hebrides because the internet connection is a bit better in East London.

It is therefore very rewarding to come across THE CLAQUE who are making the most wonderful noise that anyone in this attentive position always hopes to find when partaking in this kind of activity. It is also very rewarding to realise three or four days after continuously playing this bands’ music (two songs so far) that a third of the band were sat next to yours truly chatting away about music for the evening no more than a couple of months ago. This makes it gratifying that we didn’t learn this the other way around. THE CLAQUE  (top pic) are from Dublin and guitar noises on these two tunes are courtesy of Alan Duggan of Girl Band.

Hush (above) is not only noisy and slightly unsettling but beautiful at the same time. As beautiful as The Jesus and Mary Chain sounded on the first couple of listens, Amy Winehouse singing with a noisier, industrial sounding My Bloody Valentine and as beautiful as The Cocteau Twins before we started trying to work out what Liz Fraser was singing about. The beauty is in the harshness that compliments the voice. If you’re looking for something unique and different then you need to hear this and add it to your tunes of the year list. Possibly the best debut tune you’ll hear in 2019.

Of course, this sitting at home trying to listen to over 140 different bands hasn’t put a stop to wandering out to spend the day inside a couple of venues, walking up and down a flight of stairs every half an hour and asking the nearest person to teach him something about the band performing in front of us (such as the names – It’s always nice to know the name of a band playing in front of you I’m sure you’ll agree).

Loud Women hosted over 20 bands and one of us caught 15 and still felt bad about going home early. This song called Visitors was the best thing to come out of it. The band are called GGALLEN PARTRIDGE (who were always going to be seen with a name like that) and if we find out more you’ll be kept informed.

Top of the list that no one made who it’s felt would have been nice to see appear at that event is Brighton band PORRIDGE RADIO who have been turning up in front of us more than once over the past couple of years. Recently they played with the wonderful Audiobooks, they seemed sober for the first time we’d seen them and on hearing Give/Take have now become a band one of us looks forward to crossing paths with yet again before the year is over. Fabulous tune.

We’ve seen Rebecca Lucy Taylor singing with Moonlandingz, Django Django and of course The Slow Club where she cut her teeth on the road to stardom during the last decade. SELF ESTEEM have been on every list we’ve made at every multi venue/multi band festival this year but still not seen. Will she be spotted in the same room before 2019 is over…..who knows ? (she’s on the list for Sŵn ). This is fabulous and I’d like to think this is the kind of pop music all those 15 year old Little Mix fans are also listening to but fear it may not be (I’ll go away and find out in a bit).

“I’m sure we’ll investigate more” are words often typed or said after a few days in fields before returning home looking not unlike that Yaxley bloke with the same surname as a Beatle that came out the nick after nine weeks recently. The big moon that appeared during September one evening reminded one of us of the band called THE BIG MOON we saw at Standon Calling that we promised ourselves to listen to again back in the comfort of our own homes. This has resulted in Your Light (above) being played on repeat. It’s a great tune, perhaps one of the happiest tunes heard so far this year. Summertime (remember that?)……on bikes….down Essex lanes and across Essex fields….They’ve just been on tour with The Pixies so you’ve probably all seen them too and want to hear more. Their debut album was Mercury nominated last year, I have no idea what I was doing at the time.

In other news this month – SPORTS TEAM continue to release tunes that still manage to outweigh their previous releases, LIFE have another album out and a new tune that’s probably the best thing they’ve done so far and DECLAN MCKENNA has released a tune that is also the best thing he’s done to date. ‘British Bombs‘ has seen us walk down the road humming the tune that proceeded the On The Buses Movie in 1971. This could be filed under Britpop (remember that?) however he has more to say in his music than many singer-songwriters twice his age (Declan McKenna was born on Christmas eve 1998 and has released three top quality albums).

WILLIAM DOYLE is about to release an album to follow on from the two East India Youth albums he has his name on. ‘Design Guide‘ features Brian Eno and it’s gorgeous. He’s back out and about playing the odd show before the year is over and hopefully one of us may pay another visit.

The world needs reminding how fabulous WILD CAT STRIKE‘s 2018 album still sounds and how brilliant they were at The Old Blue Last one Sunday evening at the beginning of September. They were breathtaking and you need to be there next time. Imagine God Speed You Black Emperor with great vocals by all four members sounding like a more euphoric Dry The River. If only BLACK MIDI (whose Mercury awards appearance has to be said, it was brilliant TV) could have vocalists like this I’d probably be as excited as everyone else is at the present time. I’ve still no idea what the fuck Black Midi are doing but their music is more preferable to 99% of the bands playing in the pubs around Camden Town seven nights a week.

Wild Cat Strike were last years Sŵn Festival find. A few years before it was PLASTIC MERMAIDS who we found inside Cardiff’s Moon Club on a Sunday afternoon. A few years later (with loads of other gigs in between) they were seen one Saturday night in Brighton. September’s show occurred inside Patterns, a venue in which people had paid a tenner to get into and talked all the way through it. You owe me one Brighton, the Vaping was annoying enough but you lot need to sort out your gig etiquette before we visit the seaside again.

DRY CLEANING have another tune out. If you haven’t heard or seen them yet then you may now be too late to see them playing free shows to get people into pubs during the week but they’re still available in venues where you’ll be able to see the whites of their eyes.<


I’d post a Little Mix track to end this but I couldn’t find anything likeable. This is much better. This is THICKO who everyone needs reminding are making angry political music that people a few years ago were complaining doesn’t exist. No Deal Brexit, Mate needs playing loud with your windows open. All night if necessary. Their message is very straightforward …

“sick and tired of fucking government
They’re fucking useless anyway
But we need to stop them before we’re fucked”

Better than Little Mix we’re sure you’ll agree.

More in a month’s time.

Words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV).

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