Things we didn’t know a month ago: October 2020Keith Goldhanger goes through some of the new releases he’s been listening to during October 2020.

October 2020 has all been about sitting around the stereo and having a bit of a sing song.

Back in March 2019 Hotel Lux captured our Wednesday nights spent inside East London pubs by celebrating that we’re ‘all at the bar Drinking Stella Artois (referencing Sartre and Danny Dyer…)’Eighteen months later and ‘We’re all drinking Lemonade (we thought we’d be doing something great by now)’.

How times have changed.

Lemonade by CIRCA WAVES is a tune made to be sung along to. You’ll be joining in with this before the end of the track – try it – Its ace.

A song that will take longer to learn the words to came this month from LUCIA AND THE BEST BOYS . A new name to me, a few earlier tunes to investigate and a song that’ll make you sit up and be determined to keep listening to this over and over again until that chorus has been cracked.

These are all acts that we’re sadly missing out on whilst digging into yet another series of Breaking Bad. Perfectly Untrue is one of those 80’s pop ballads that it’s ok to love or hate. It’s catchy as fuck with a brilliant singalong chorus (as If that Circa Waves tune wasn’t enough).

Lucia and the Best Boys are from Glasgow and already have a long tour set up for next year…….hate to say it……actually I can’t quite bring myself to say it out loud just yet….but … know……….

When CRUEL HEARTS CLUB  (top picture) came to my attention last year I certainly would not have expected to see the word ‘Grunge’ written on the same page. Two or three more tunes followed until this month Dirty Rotten Scum became a new tune to sing along too around the kitchen table. This band first came across as a cool rock version of Shampoo (somewhere between that and The Go! Team) but the last couple of tunes (Blame Me Too and this) have certainly qualified themselves as being allowed to use the G word. These are a great band that at least one evening out in their company seems at best a dream nowadays. The band consist of two sisters who came to London from Australia, found a drummer and formed a band, a great band by the sounds of it and they make it sound like an easy thing to do. Our own Audrey J Golden covered this at the end of September and a few weeks later this became something that couldn’t be left alone. Great tunes are always worth mentioning more than once and this band join the list of bands one of us wants to see one day.

Late one night a few years ago, when Bestival was on the Isle of Wight and just after Kelis had sung that song about getting her ‘freak on’ (or was it Missy Elliot singing about ‘Milkshake’?) over on the main stage one of us had enough and was headed back to his tent for a much needed bit of kip. Of course, one must go for a nightcap in situations such as this and therefore this was my reason for being in the Jägermeister shed where KOVEN were playing in front of about five people and being better than brilliant. This new tune of theirs came available this month and if I was to tell you that their performance that night at Bestival was genuinely as great as this then I’m sure you’ll appreciate that this is why some of us walk around fields twenty hours a day for three or four days hoping to catch new amazing stuff. I came away that year considering what I saw for the short time in that shed one of the weekend highlights and have since kept popping over to their Spotify account but not really been keeping up to date with their activities. If you like Drum & Bass, love Pendulum and are interested to hear what sort of music gets eight or nine MILLION Spotify hits nowadays then this duo’s album Butterfly Effect is worth giving the once over. Big stuff, great stuff and a video made in Cologne in September THIS YEAR at a Corona safe event. It’s a different world many of us live in isn’t it?

LIZ LAWRENCE has probably avoided watching Breaking Bad and Shameless over the past seven months resulting in this wonderful piece of music that she has written. Again (yet unsurprising considering that this is what I’m here for) another new name who has already a couple of albums under her belt that thanks to being at home twenty-three hours a day will certainly now get listened to. This is a tune that those of us who still find ourselves returning back again and again to those Anna Calvi tunes can learn to love. A song that comes from her recently released EP WHOOSH – It’s a great EP and this tune in particular is worth hearing if you haven’t yet heard it.

‘So where’s all the weird, wonky and unlistenable stuff ?’ I can imagine some of you saying ……… Brace yourselves.

WAX CHATTELS are  a trio from New Zealand who like to boast the fact that they make music without guitars. This is always a great idea when wanting to form a band and grab our attention. This wonderful slice of noise is sung in English and Taiwanese-Hokkien by the bass player who was born in Taiwan. The trio is completed by a drummer and keyboard player, they have two albums available. They make a well disciplined racket and they’ll make you happy to have crossed paths with once you settle down to listen to their albums.

Finally from Merseyside we have EYESORE & THE JINX who sound like The B52’s crossed with Bogshed. Accidental Weller refers to some of the terrible haircuts lockdown has provided us with. ‘Accidental Weller, Peacock Feather!’ is a new catchphrase that at least one bloke who’ll never have a head with enough hair to even consider growing any type of hairstyle has been singing under his face mask when popping into Poundland on a Saturday morning. One day, if I ever make the same mistake as Gary Lineker and forget to wear my mask, I’ll probably find myself still doing this and getting a smack in the mouth for it. There are loads of great tracks by this band all over the internet at the moment and it’s worth giving it all a listen sometime. Probably during that boring episode in Breaking Bad when they’re trying to catch that fly. The band’s latest release, an EP titled Exile Parlour was produced by Daniel Fox (Girlband) – that EP is rather ace too and this was recorded during the same session.

Other tracks this month such as those by COACH PARTY  from the Isle of Wight have been worth listening to, the latest LYNKS cover version of Cortney Barnett’s Pedestrian at best goes straight onto the cover versions of the year list and HOPE’s Shame (Paul Frick remix) must be one the best remixes of 2020. SHAME have given us a little indication of what their second album might be like (Idles), STATS have a fabulous new tune and video available this month and SLOW READERS CLUB have written recorded and have an oven ready new album (91 days in Isolation) ready to go that follows the band’s previous album that came out on the same day I last went on a tube train (end of March). BOSTON MANOR have some worthwhile tunes they’ve been making available recently and BELONGING with How Could you Know has also become a tune to hum around the house. If you’re still keeping up then USA NAILS have a fab new tune you need to hear but I’ll stop now otherwise I’ll start going on about that terrible Robbie Williams & Struts tune that those with girlfriends or boyfriends who like to walk around Top Shop for four hours on a Saturday morning will absolutely love to bits.

Last and by no means least, this eight minute epic by CLIPPING is worth settling down with a cup of cocoa before going to bed on a Wednesday night to help forget that we’re still quite a long way off from getting to see stuff like this whilst holding onto a weak plastic glass three quarters full of terribly tasting lager.

Tune in, sit down, hit play and give these all a listen as well as everything else on my playlist of loveable stuff that’s come my way during October 2020.

That list can be found here. More will be revealed again next month.


Words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV).







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