Things we didn’t know a month ago:  October 2019

Keith Goldhanger’s monthly round up of new discoveries continues with some fresh sounds he’s come across during October 2019.

It’s become an annual tradition when looking back at the month of October to fill this page with songs by bands we watched, smiled at and shook a leg to during our weekend in Cardiff (Sŵn Festival) and October 2019 is no different. One of the most annoying things about crossing paths with something new and gloriously wonderful (as one of us manages two or three times a month nowadays) is that nagging realisation that luck and fate have had such a lot to do with the situation. I often wonder how many people I’ve not crossed paths with due to being in the kitchen when some utterly bonkers band gets it’s one and only play on the radio. Had I been making a brew that evening when John Kennedy played Average Joe’s Cross my Heart last year I still wouldn’t have ever met anyone from Stoke apart from that bloke who used to be in Furniture all those years ago. During a hot headed scramble around Womanby Street during Sŵn and on our way to see Holy Fuck we came across ALIEN TANGO and haven’t looked back since. This track (two years old !) sung by a man so spectacularly happy about the promise he’s on doesn’t hold back by telling the world (ok then St Martins Lane WC2) how happy he is.
And if he’s happy then so am I.
Sexy Time is bloody marvelous, this video is marvellous too and you need to hear it. One of us will be visiting this guy again before the year is out.

Of course, wandering off the pre meditated path has it’s price. Going to see CONCHUR WHITE was the original plan. This tune that was played to death whist queuing up outside the over packed tube stations during the weeks leading up to visiting Wales and in typical fashion we missed him. This song is beautiful and at some point soon everything else by this Irishman will be listened to. He was (or may still be) in a band called Silences (even more tunes to catch up on then). This deserves your undivided attention first though.

We’ve had a new release this month by 2019’s first featured band Dry Cleaning,
The Claque (September) were seen live (twice), Benin City have a cracking new tune out, Scalping (seen twice in October) have a new tune available, Sweat are hijacking combine harvesters and The Cheap Thrills also gave us a new tune to whistle down the street and punch the air too.

POZI have been on the radio at some point this year and therefore once standing in the same room as this trio their songs sounded familiar and had one of us asking whatever happened to the days when we had time to sellotape a microphone to the radio speaker and steal these tunes so we’d remember who these bands were we’d been listening to ?
We got there eventually- POZI ….this is great.

FEET have some good tunes available that have been played rather a lot this month. Another bunch of bonkers blokes that need to be seen again sometime.

COUNTRY LINE RUNNER sound good but never got seen when the chance was there. EGYPTIAN BLUE sound ace (really ace) and seeing these is now a must. JOSHIA KONDER‘s tune ‘Fall Away’ has been a regular sound track at breakfast time this month, HMLT were seen again and have announced an album ‘The West is Dead’ to be released next year and supporting that evening were WALT DISCO  (Past Tense) who reminded one Essex village boy of his teenage years inside a new romantic night club in Essex called Crocs (Later to be renamed The Pink Toothbrush).

That’s enough until next month — anything forgotten about will no doubt raise its head again in good time and as long as the kettles still boiling you’ll get to hear more tunes this time next month that will have at least one of us sitting on the night bus on a Tuesday morning wondering if he’ll still have the energy to do it again the next night the night after that and all over the weekend (No one goes out on a Monday anymore).

Hit play and listen loud as no one ever said.

Words & Photos by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV).


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  1. The Pink Toothbrush. What a great venue. When I worked for The House of Love in 1988, we played there twice. My Destroy the Heart t-shirt was pink as it had been in a wash with something red. A fan asked to buy it. I whipped it off, got it sugned by the band a flogged it to him for £20.
    Great times.


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