Things we didn’t know a month ago: November 2019

As the year comes to an end Keith Goldhanger highlights some more great tunes discovered during November 2019.

If ex-Klaxons man JAMES RIGHTON (main pic ) was still making music as Shock Machine, as he was up until a couple of years ago, he may not have made this particular page this month. However, releasing a fabulous track under the name he was born with means this is a debut single of sorts and one that has had one of us hopping around with joy during November. He’s the smartest bloke never to have ever been in Showaddywaddy and The Performer is a track that is as good as anything else he’s ever put his hand to in the past and a nice surprise for those of us who keep deleting emails before reading them.

And now for something completely bonkers:

This was sent over by Jessica Winter – already featured in this column more than once this year (she produced this). Not a lot is known about JAZMIN BEAN at the moment – well there are some that know loads as their You Tube channel already has tens of thousands of subscribers to it. This isn’t helping you much really is it? For that I apologise but see how many times you have to watch this before you even realise there’s a fabulous tune behind this disturbingly great video.

In other news this month, a new tune from OCTOBER DRIFT, a new tune from DITZ, a new tune from HOTEL LUX, TALK SHOW, WILD CAT STRIKE, CHINA BEARS as well as SPORTS TEAM who will probably release one of the greatest albums in 2020 if all this years (and last years) releases are anything to go on.

BENEFITS is the new project from Kingsley Chapman (Chapman Family) and what a corker this is. It’s a racket for sure, it’s fabulous and you’ll love it as much as I do hopefully.

Here’s a new tune from a new (to me) band called BEACH RIOT. Stuck Inside is a tune many people are going to love. Listen to this and imagine how ace it would be if Scalping could remix this and make it sound more like Confidence Man in the middle (not the new one though – that’s a bit pants) and stop it sounding like Nirvana. In the meantime enjoy it as it was intended to be (to my knowledge no remixes or re arrangements are currently planned for this).

The new PREGOBLIN tune is one just made for dancing in a field to next summer (that’s Jessica Winter too) and because this bloke played down the pub a couple of Saturdays ago and was a bit good this has getting a blast whilst we’ve been having our dinner, feeding the cat and getting comfy for another election debate so we can all try to work out how to cancel out the votes that the people watching the celebrity jungle thing are going to be putting their crosses against. JOSH VINE stood alone with a guitar and sang brilliantly against a backdrop of chatty people and had us all saying after that this would be so great with a band behind him. This track is exactly what we had in mind that evening, it’s a few months old but it’s wonderful. His latest tune is worth a listen too.

Because you’ve been good this year November will end with a couple more tunes. This one is sandwiched creatively in between Idles and Mik Artistic. HIGH VIZ JACKIT THEORY are from Stoke and will be one of many bands like this we may soon see blossoming over the next few years.

And finally, a new artist to one or two of us (Covered here on Louder Than War) called HAAi who at least one of us wants to stand in the same room as one day listening to music like this at ear splitting volume.

More new bands and tunes at the end of January as December will be the annual review of the year in this column.


Words & Photos by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV).


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