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Things we didn’t know a month ago: May 2020

Keith Goldhanger hasn’t been out much recently however new tunes and new bands still seem to keep coming his way by the lorry load. Here he reveals some of his favourites from May 2020.

That was May 2020 then?
If you blinked as fast as I blinked, you’ll realise you’ve just recovered from another month of being unable to stand in the same room as the people that have produced the sounds that we listen to everyday.
And every night.
Music has proved itself to be one of the best medicines for our mental health yet again.
It has has not been easy.
Radio X’s new music show Xposure has been halved in length this month. One of us is drinking his way through the show now whilst listening to some of the new releases at ear splitting, neighbour annoying volume. Friday and Saturday nights listening to John Kennedy’s show on Radio X (11pm – 2am) are great at the moment. The pubs and clubs have been closed down, Match of the Day isn’t on so therefore losing 50% of our favourite new music show is temporarily compensated by being able to turn the volume knob to maximum volume and spending the following week trying to decipher any notes made of the bands that maybe worth having another listen to during the sober daylight moments of our (currently) dreary lives. I can only hope that those who enjoy listening to Kasabian and Prodigy singles at 10PM during the week (the hours some of us had previously been listening to XPosure) are now satisfied. Without knowing the full details as to why this has happened, I can only speak for myself here and announce my disappointment and irritation. There are worse things going on in the world at the moment but one of us around here has now been listening to Xposure for more years than John Peel was tuned into. I’m allowed to have a moan.
That was it.

RABIES BABIES (main pic) have released a tune! This trio must have spent longer getting around to releasing anything that we can listen to at home than any other band in the UK (probably – looking for similar bands isn’t a past time I want to pursue). The lyrical content manages a catchy ‘La La La…’. It’s taken 21 years and it sounds great and it’s the first track from a forthcoming 10″ EP that DAMAGED GOODS RECORDS are putting out. Damaged goods records are a year older than Rabies Babies. It’s certainly been worth the wait and a full review will occur another day. Imagine how old we’re going to be once the follow up gets recorded !


Having discovered a new pair of previously unworn socks in the cupboard this month another highlight has been this track by THE CORNSHED SISTERS. It’s a tune one could imagine having a little dance to before trying to be sensible at the end of a hot day at Glastonbury. You know the vibe….slight sunburn, hungry, feeling the need to pop to the tent to get a jumper to wear for the evening, popping into the nearest bar for another pint instead and having a little dance whilst drinking your choice of cider. During some research into this band (an event that usually involves making sure I’m spelling the name of the band right) it was realised (not for the first time this has happened) that my own head could be seen in the audiences at one of the bands live performances last year. A detail I could and maybe should keep quiet about. 
Love this tune, one for dancing around the living room to if the tent, the field and the people selling the cider don’t seem to be present.

New bands we’re coming across at the moment are not, for the first time in a while likely to turn up down the road in the next couple of months. Some of these new names blasting out of the open windows this month are previously unknown Electronic / Goth / New Romantic (non guitar) bands that a friend of mine in Australia is spinning on his weekly show on New Zealand based on line radio station 8k.NZ. This station is worth dipping into every now and then and Dik Detonic’s previous shows have been a daily listen recently whilst waiting for Netflix to upload something new. LUMINANCE are from Belgium and like a lot of the music played on this show this does not contain English vocals. This adds to the magic, the mystery and the wonderful rabbit hole one can wander down once you hit the play button on this if you’re partial to popping out of the room for a couple of minutes whilst your laptop does its own thing and tells you what you need to listen to next. Tune into this particular show if you have an hour to spare before trying to catch up with the other 400 shows that one bloke working from home this year has found a very agreeable listen once JAMES O’BRIEN has morphed his show from a politically charged head clearing hour or two into a quiz (I know what you’re thinking ‘It isn’t a quiz….’ yeah – I know).

CLT DRP are a new name to have arrived this month and can be added to the ever increasing list of great stuff associated with Brighton’s SMALL POND organisation at the moment. This band have an album out this year and have recently rescheduled some live shows for September. Personally I’ve already decided that I will not be going to any shows for the rest of the year. Stay Home – I liked that catchphrase. It had some meat to it. Kind of told you what to do instead of turning the whole government shit show into a fucking Ted Rogers 3-2-1 game show  – hope to see you in 2021 Clt Drp – this stuff is fabulous.
Kingsley Chapman’s BENEFITS have thrown out another excellent track and video that goes by the title of Imperfect. This is one we could imagine hearing as we walk into one of the many pubs in East London before popping into a back or upstairs room to see a band we’ve never heard of before (Sometime next year then). New CABBAGE Track ‘You’ve made an art form (From Falling to Pieces)’ is worth listening to on repeat as is the latest track by I LIKE TRAINS who we thought were gone forever but have just released ‘The Truth’.
FONTAINES DC  ‘A hero’s’ death’ is a great video because it has someone who apparently looks like myself in it (always a good move) and of course another month in lock down means another track and video by the wonderful RHYTHM METHOD, a stirring track by WILD CAT STRIKE called Swamp, Heaven by FEWS needs hearing loud every night before bedtime and TRAMPOLENE (with Peter Doherty) have managed to record a tune and make a video whilst being separated by more miles you could walk in a day.
A new IDLES track Mr Motivator raised it’s head this month (this video has been watched more times than the official one in one man’s household) and some new material from AVERAGE JOE seems to be the perfect Sunday morning breakfast sound track to help wash down those cornflakes we stocked up on when we believed they would become hard currency one day (other days of the week are also available). Jingle Jangle can be heard and purchased here and contains eight rousing new tunes that come recommended as always.

PHYCHIC MARKERS are a familiar name whose output hasn’t really been listened to much and one of us cannot remember if he’s seen this band live before or not. Someone’s mentioned this band a few times in passing in the past however this new tune by theirs called Clouds has certainly been a favourite during May 2020 – One may have to backtrack on this band and catch up from the start sometime. A new album became available this month, perhaps that would be a good place to begin.
Hot Chip’s JOE GODDARD and Wild Beats HAYDEN THORPE have released a tune that also needs dancing too in an imaginary field. Iif anyone sees a strange looking man in a big coat amongst some trees in East London drinking cider and dancing on his own to Unknown Song this summer then that may be me.


‘Everyone nervous’  by WARM DIGITS (featuring the wonderful ROZI PLAIN) has been a regular in the speakers this month alongside LA PRIEST‘s Begining (another tune that’ll be used when trying to recreate some kind of Glastonbury soundtrack when walking through Epping Forest next month).
SAYTR PLAY (no idea what this means) have a tune called Everyday Since that has kept the toes tapping and ‘Anthem of the North’ by JOE ASTLEY someone I know absolutely nothing about apart from how to spell his name has also deserved a mention this month for being part of many ingredients that have been responsible for our sanity once the TV has been switched off (or thrown out of the window).
It’s been a busy month, we’re probably not even half way through this lock down and the world is fucked. Was this the sound track you imagined?  If not then I’m sure as the months tick by we’ll get to hear a few things that may reflect the experience of staring at four walls, listening to on line radio shows and regretful bad Netflix films (avoid White Lines at all costs).
More new tunes and new bands next month of course however in the meantime I’m putting my coat, grabbing the wellingtons just to dance in the forest on my own.
My complete May 2020 playlist can be found here – go through the lot. You now have the time and it’ll make you happy (or happier).
Stay safe, stay dry and keep dancing.
Words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV).





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