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Being distracted from world events like weddings and cup finals is all thanks to people displaying some of their most recent, top quality tunes on stages across the country this month. Keith Goldhanger’s TV seems to have broken as he brings us his highlights during May 2018.

Bangers as they used to say.

In regards to entering rooms airing fist punching anthemic songs that will stay with some of us for years, only time will tell if these tunes will be the start of anything huge that we’ll eventually see gracing big stages with flashing lights, big balloons being dropped over balconies, confetti cannons and secondary ticketing companies taking a disproportionate slice of the queens shilling…..

…or whether this will become as good as it gets.

There are dozens of examples of moving, euphoric tunes from the past that even if you listen to them today (in some cases years later) can still make you believe it would have been the most natural thing in the world to be watching these through flashing lights in 2018 late at night in front of thousands of glitter wearing beer swilling music lovers.

Like it has for MUSE or THE KILLERS.

This Screaming Lights track from back in 2009 is one example of a band that some of us thought may go onto huge things. Here’s a reminder to all the young dudes out there responsible for these anthems in 2018. You’ll need about twenty of these before you get the big font on the festival posters.

So remember people, everything you’re watching currently out there in the world of free gigs, festivals and over fifty quid a ticket stadiums may be as good as it ever gets and if that’s the case then in some peoples eyes it’s job done.

There must be someone somewhere that casually walked into a bar one night where 20 people stood and sang along to Mr Brightside at the top of their voices to previously unknown band The Killers?

That came to mind on a couple of occasions this month.

THE CHEAP THRILLS – will they be the next Screaming Lights or Muse ? If having the knowledge that what you’ve worked on recently and then given to the world is now being used as a soundtrack for people to have playing whilst lying on the sofa hungover, tying their shoe laces up before they go out or driving the children to school then that’s job done too. Even if nothing else happens.

You’ve done it.

Even if it’s just one bloke with a dodgy knee.

You’ve done it.


Job Done.

What some of us (the audience) are really hoping for in all honesty is to be standing in a field one night when these tunes are being played by these bands in question and the occasion arises when we may feel the need to get on our mates shoulders, light up a huge firework and hold it at arms length singing along to these songs at the top of whatever voice you may have left.

Many of us may never get the chance to do this although having seen Friendly Fires perform Paris in front of thousands this month a mate with strong shoulders and a supply of pyrotechnics may be required by the time summer 2019 arrives.

I met someone recently who explained the reason he did this once to Yellow by Coldplay during the V Festival was because he’d seen them do this song in Dingwalls , Camden. He listened to it obsessively, never tired of it and then got the opportunity to show off a bit and turn a once held personal dream into reality.

He told me it made him feel he’d experienced the biggest ‘didn’t give a fuck’ rush he’d ever felt even though he got ejected from the site before the show ended and spend a couple of hours in a police van before the night ended.

Didn’t ruin his life.

Enhanced it.

MESADORM were as incredible you can imagine when you hear this. They turned up at the (Free) Tram & social show and knocked some of us out for six.

Not only is this as mad as Bohemian Rhapsody without being shit but what they’ve allowed us to see in and hear in their song titled Easy is something that will be up there with the tunes of the year by Christmas. Its a great video too featuring all the bands family and partners. Sit back and watch this and understand why I feel I need to apologise for including the word shit (twice) and also the F word whilst writing this summary of May 2018. This is the politest, loveliest thing I’ve seen since Pining For Sunshine brought his grandmother along to watch him in Liverpool recently or since Coldplay really did turn a field in Chelmsford yellow back in 2003.

BENIN CITY (main pic) are have slimmed down to a trio since some of us stood in front of them previously and their new forthcoming album is worth investigating. A concept album built around the dwindling experience of a big night out (in this case London), the degradation of London’s once-thriving club scene, and on this tune, the trip home on the night bus. A bus that anyone on it from now on will be sending the band photos off whenever the occasion returns.

It’s also the one that drops me off at the end of the road late at night.

This band are The Young Fathers that will make you smile and dance, they show tremendous enthusiasm for the music they’re creating at the moment, and anyone that is crossing paths with the trio are falling for within minutes. This is one of the tunes of the year from what could be many peoples album of the year. All Smoke and no Fire is this century’s Ghost Town, the album comes out in June on the mighty Moshi Moshi label.

Its fabulous.

If anyone feels that going through 23 Eurovision tunes before going down the bookies is a bit of an extreme way of spending a Friday night then take it from me….. dozens of awful England World tunes made by idiots who appear to have found an excuse to make some music that they know at least ten of their mates will listen to is simply THE worse way of spending a Friday night.

99% of it utter toss. National comedians singing in silly voices and local Comedians singing in Cockney.


THE TALLYWAGS may have raised the eyebrows with their Charge of the Light Brigade tune but it’s nevertheless still a tune that crosses Chas & Dave with Vindaloo again – there’s loads out there – this is certainly the best one and has a snappy infectious video to go with it. This supergroup features Paul Cook, Chris McCormack & Tom Spencer from The Professionals, Toy Dolls singer Olga and Wildhearts bassist Danny McCormack. Therefore with this in mind I think you should hear it and wonder to yourself what all the others were like.

But are we really looking forward to the forthcoming football tournament with any positivity this time ?

SIR ROBERT ORANGE PEEL knows how many football fans in this country feel leading up to the world cup in Russia. Sums up the feeling as much as Baddiel & Skinner summed it up the mood in 1996 but not in the same way unfortunately.

Gareth Southgate – This is your big moment

“He’s the Alf Ramsey of 2018 …..come the end of this tournament, he’ll sitting on the side line blubbing…hopefully someone will put a bag on his head” ……


More next month with a slice of humble pie or a total disregard to anything football related apart from The Rhythm Method World Cup song that arrives in June, just too late to mention here.

All words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV). You may subscribe to the Goldhanger Shorts Facebook page or browse some of his photos too if you so wish.


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