WARMDUSCHER by Keith Goldhanger 2019

WARMDUSCHER by Keith Goldhanger 2019

Keith Goldhanger brings us up to date with a few recent discoveries that came to his attention during July 2019.

An inconsistent theme running through the bands this month that have been blasting out of the kitchen window whilst we sit in the garden are bands we didn’t like very much but have now decided their tunes have caused us to think again. The idea to begin with was to concentrate this month on bands that all fit into this category but something good came on the telly and two was all that the list contained.

WARMDUSCHER were seen somewhere a few years ago and were ignored for ages but one of us kept noticing that one or two people were getting rather excited about this band and so one of us simply waited for fate to allow us to cross paths again.

Those paths crossed at nine O’clock on a hot summer evening in the middle of a field at this years Standon Calling festival. Warmduscher boasted a front man in a big white hat with a very unique and wonderful way of introducing each band member along a bunch of songs that had us bouncing with joy one after the other. Where were they seen before ? – No idea, maybe we got them mixed up with Meatraffle but regardless of all that they’re in our music collection now and a night out with them playing again will soon happen.
Recent tune Midnight Dipper a great place to start if you haven’t heard this band yet. One of us is digging deeper already and one of us thinks he may have a new favourite band.

M O S E S are a band that have been witnessed loads of times now and one or two of us didn’t really like them.
All that bloody hands in the air stuff.
Terrible behaviour that can be caused by drinking too much lager we heard someone say.
‘Fuckin’ Camden innit’ I’d often say out load (except the innit bit). Tribes on that roof one Sunday afternoon a few years ago got away with it even if they did then go on tour with the name of their band written on the side of the van (which is the uncool-est thing ever). Apart from that, the idea, the execution and the song were great. No one asked the public below them on Camden high street that day to turn up and wave their hands in the air to Tribes but they did.
Back to M O S E S (there’s a gap between each letter – do not adjust your sets)…. they need to stop this. Take Heroin and cut out the beer. Did I say Heroin ? Sorry – didn’t mean Heroin I meant to say take a look at themselves.
Hands in the air moments in Rock & Roll are meant to be spontaneous just as stage invading, sitting on someones shoulders or running on the pitch during football matches whilst filming it on your phone means it doesn’t count. These are ace tunes and once you start ignoring all the ‘Camden stuff’ as I often call it its apparent that we’ve a band here that may become one of the coolest or uncool-est bands in North West London one day. It’s nice to suddenly vent what you disliked about a band but can only say it nowadays once you realise you really actually have been listening to these for weeks now and its time to own up to liking them. They sound like a cockney Oasis at times and blokes will like these in their droves just like the blokes that still go to see Liam or Noel and talk about Oasis reunions every time you go for a slash. Will they ever get out of Camden though? Do they actually come from Camden ? Will they hate me for pointing out that we don’t like being told to put our hands in the air on a wet Tuesday night when there’s only ten people in the room ? There’s probably a lot more people nowadays that turn up at their gigs so I’ll need another look however once loads and loads and loads of people start liking them then I’ll start hating them again and saying they’re not as good as that Wednesday night when one of You tubes algorithms kept throwing up their videos and couldn’t be stopped. They may have one or two tunes that suck but the arms have been (naturally) in the air and we’ve been singing along with the backing vocals to all the recent tunes whist struggling to reach those high bits when washing the windows recently. This is something that has been far away from out thoughts when we’ve stood in front of them half a dozen times now in small rooms over the past few years.
I want to go and see them again now.
They’ll probably split up by the time I get the chance (that’s what usually happens).
Won’t be waving my arms around or clapping though.
Hate doing that (in public when being asked to).

Juniore are so french that one of them wore a horizontal thin striped shirt when they played at Standon Calling. They were lovely and made us feel we were out on mainland Europe for half an hour on a Sunday afternoon with their laid back sweet electronic based tunes that were made for performing on a hot summers day (that was the bit before we all got very drunk again and started dancing with feather boas around our necks for the next ten hours).

And finally there are loads more bands mentioned before that have released new tunes this month. Dry Cleaning are (re)releasing their ‘Sweet Princess’ EP very soon even though one of us has been playing it since it first came out at the start of the year. Pleasure Complex have thrown us ‘Ive got the feeling’, Grace Lightman has an album out that needs hearing more of, Gabi Garbutt is about to release her debut album and go on tour with Edwyn Collins, Wooze have even more tunes available now and The Pukes have an album out that still sits on the pile of mp3’s (these piles of Mp3’s really do exist -I’ll show you one day) that will be heard eventually.
Until Next month then …. get your ears around some of these tunes you may not have known about a month ago. There’ll be loads more next month – most of them are already new obsessions for one man in an East London who can often be seen walking around with his hands in his pockets, a set of crap headphones in his ears and a new Oyster card ready to get him through the madness in the world.

Words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV).


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