Things we didn’t know a month ago:  August 2019August 2019 has ended and as the world continues to fill up with great music that we may have been unaware of only a few weeks ago Keith Goldhanger continues to keep up as much as he can with tunes and bands the rest of us may currently be unaware of.

August is the rainy season as those with knackered out camper-vans will tell you. Festivals every weekend, football on the telly every night, wellingtons, raincoats, rain sodden chips being fed to seagulls as we shelter from another downpour and bands we’ve bumped into recently releasing great new fresh and exciting music that we can’t wait to see either again or for the first time.

East London’s Visions Festival introduced one of us to South London band TALK SHOW, a band with a debut single out this month. This is one of the first bands heard for a while that remind us of the diet of bands we were digesting back in the early 1980’s. New Model Army are the first band that come to mind. This four piece have nice short exciting tunes that we’ll no doubt get to hear more of before the end of the year. ‘Fast and Loud’ is the most convenient place to start listening to Talk Show. Visiting another of their gigs will obviously be the second step in the right direction. Hopefully this second look won’t be too far away.

A band that came together in Bologna Italy known to us as HUSKY LOOPS (top pic by Lily Resta) have managed to jump straight onto the the list of best tunes of the year without touching the sides. ‘I Think you’re Wonderful’ from the bands debut album out next month called ‘I can’t even speak English’ (‘a tongue-in-cheek nod to their continental roots in divisive times’ it says on the Email) is a great piece of music that one can already imagine being performed on Glastonbury’s Park stage late one Saturday night in a couple of years time. The forthcoming album is a cracker from what’s been heard so far and this will surely elevate the trio into bigger venues and onto many peoples personal playlists. I’m told that the cover will be blank and come with a pen so the listener can design their own cover however reports that their second album coming with a free drum machine and lyric sheet may have just been a joke. They’ve been witnessed live a few times now and come highly recommended if you’ve not crossed paths yet. This tune is marvellous and been played on repeat during August. Hopefully one of us will get the chance to see these live again soon by which time we’ll probably be singing along and swaying along to every twist and turn the band manage to throw at us.

XI are more or less the same people who used to be called SWEAT and still played at least one Sweat tune (PLW VIP) when supporting the wonderful AudioBooks this month. Xi’s songs on first listen sound unsettling and dark, some of them have been co-writing tunes with Fat White Family this year (Feet) and debut tune ‘Sentimental Sunset’ is a more than a decent introduction although almost impossible to find. So I’ll stick it here.

French/ Canadian MARIE DAVIDSON appeared in a great new studio (9294) situated over the other side of the Olympic stadium and waved goodbye to us saying she be returning another day doing something different if we heard her her parting words right. Whether she’s forming another band or just writing more fabulous slices of electronica it’s hard to say. This track produced by Soulwax is another big big tune of the year and one that has already had some of us dancing in fields late at night to this summer. It seems that any DJ worth their salt has been dropping this all summer and you can hear why. Another banger as they say.

Finally, a band called THANK introduced themselves to us this month with the words ‘Tonight Mathew I’m going to shit in my hands and clap….’ and have announced a new 10″ out in October that sounds ace. Therefore a big shout out to all you lovely people I’ve never met who put on gigs I go to and ask one of you to sort this band out a show or two please in one of those locations that the busses go to in East London. THANK are from Leeds and have a host of great stuff available. We’ll come back to the forthcoming release another time however just for now get your ears around this glorious slice of noise just like many of their other tunes that boast lots of loud screaming guitars, lots of loud screaming vocals and some great hypnotic noises that fans of Girl Band will love.

More new tunes impossible to put down again next month.

Words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV).



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