Things we didn’t know a month ago: April 2020Keith Goldhanger continues to provide a few new bands and new releases exposed to the world during April 2020.

April 2020 has been the first month since my teenage years that I haven’t been to a gig. For anyone not paying attention, the closest some of us have been getting has been via live streams. I managed to provide 18 of these during the Things To Do Festival that can be observed on my own You Tube channel now that I’ve edited a lot of the awkward silences out of them (there weren’t that many and the Francobollo show didn’t come out well enough to use unfortunately). The event was in two parts and can be viewed here and here. I’d like to say a big thank you to all the acts that took part in this and remain open minded as to whether there’ll be another one. This kind of thing requires good bands for it to succeed and the ones left that I’d like to appear and are set up for this seem to be doing shows for loads of other people at the moment.
We’ll see.

From ‘Things to do…’  back to ‘Things we didn’t know…’ and this months pick of the pops comes from the city of Sŵn, Cardiff. DEATH CULT ELECTRIC (main pic) have provided a crazy fucked up air thumping banger this month in the shape of Deleter and until they were contacted one of us here knew nothing about them. This band consists of a bloke called Steffan (Pringle) who used to be in Estrons and keeps himself busy producing loads of Cardiff bands such as Boy Azooga (who’s drummer Davey Newington is involved somewhere along the line on this) as well as Estrons Craig Shankland on bass and to complete the name check Tom Beedim  and Alec Rees complete the named personel given that are involved with the live side of Death Cult Electric. This could have come from anywhere it was thought on first listen. Fans of Ministry or Therapy? might enjoy listening to this at ear piercing volume as well as the army of rock musicians usually sat around Camden Lock on Sunday afternoons who think they know how to behave like rock gods but never manage to produce the goods that might elevate them into the real thing one day. 7″ records used to have the words ‘Play loud’ printed on the cover when we were young – nowadays this message comes from folk such as myself on the internet.

At least once a year a band arrives that I always feel the need to get in touch with my mate Bernard about who now lives in Texas. Bernard enjoys big eyebrows and crazy looking people as much as I do and this (coincidentally) is Texas Part One from Canadian band POTTERY. Their debut album Welcome To Bobbys Motel is due out at the end of June. The good news is they’re also due to visit the UK that month and the bad news you can work out yourself. The new rescheduled dates are in September if we’re allowed out and probably at a venue slightly larger than the Brixton Windmill where they were spotted last February.

BOB VYLAN needs mentioning here just in case you haven’t come across him and his music yet. The location of this video looks very familiar and his music is angry, thrilling and needs to be seen performed live one day.
Jamie XX has a belter of a new tune available to hear this month as have HOTEL LUX, always a pleasure to listen to every time they throw us new music. HUSKY LOOPS, whose debut album is always being played within these walls have thrown out a new track called You Bore Me.  JESSICA WINTER, another favourite around here has given the world a fabulous new track called Sad Music and EMPATHY TEST, a band who invited me and many others to their first gig that was so good it got reviewed (here) have a new tune called Monsters you may like to hear (below). This band will soon be three albums old and this track is as good an example of what they do if you’re liking 80’s synth pop that these people seem to have mastered very well since our initial introduction.

Finally this came out recently and it hasn’t been very easy to find out much about MOLLY MILLIONS therefore I’ll Just stick this on the end and mention how this always seems to get blasted out of the speakers a lot at the present time usually between (what would be) closing time and (what should be) bedtime.

Click here for the whole months playlist – More new sounds next month.

Words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV).



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  1. “April 2020 has been the first month since my teenage years that I haven’t been to a gig”. Same here, and I’m missing it greatly. Three certainties missed since my last one on 15 March, which I had tickets for. Age 60, and on hold at 1698 gigs.. . Not shabby, but I know a number of people who gave been to many more than that.


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