thumbnail_WOOZE press shot 1 - Hi-res‘Football crazy, football mad, football that has taken away the little bit of sense he had…’
Keith Goldhanger reports on one or two recent musical discoveries in between gluing himself to a big screen to watch the football and forgetting the results before bedtime.

June 2018 – Unsuccessful trips to the bookies, deck chairs in the park, TV commentary being drowned out by pneumatic drills, motorbikes and the occasional ambulance or police car, drunk blokes being carried out of the living room before half time (during the world cup the living room for some of us  has often been the churchyard around Stratford St John’s Church, a short walk from the Olympic Stadium in East London), starting the day with a pint of orange juice, tackling the fifth pint of ale by the time the third match begins, learning how to say Nizhny Novgorod , waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat caused by Patrice Evra’s choice of clothing during France against Peru and realising that maybe buying a telly for the living room may have been a better idea. These were just some things we’ll make a note of before we sit down to watch the next world cup in 2022. A world cup we’ll probably be watching after trawling through snow drifts whilst wearing our big winter coats and noticing the lack of replica shirts on display.

Some bands actually came to London and played shows whilst the games were going on can you believe ?  KID KAPICHI managed to put off playing until Spain had completed their match against Iran and within a couple of songs we were transported back into the real world of loud guitars, clever vocals and songs that we knew we’d want to hear again one day.

WOOZE (main photo) , who we’d seen hanging around at Pleasure Complex shows put on a show (following Russia 3 Egypt 1) to compliment this fabulous debut. They wore yellow outfits, sneaked one or two people from some of our other favourite bands onto the stage (also dressed in yellow), hung flowers (yellow) from the ceiling, sang 80’s inspired pop music with today’s electronics whilst a man with red hair sang about a bloke called Ken who’s a hairdresser.

There may be much much more to come from this duo later in the year and this is certainly the musical highlight of the month. Wooze are for those that like bands that look like pop stars, take us to the world of make believe and provide us with tunes that get stuck in our heads.

SEX CELLS, a duo seen on the Old Blue Last stage earlier in the year have made their debut available. I read about it on Louder Than War –  Thank goodness someone people are on the ball eh?

This is worth mentioning again.

CLAW MARKS  threw us another gem of a video. We call them The Mighty Claw Marks when mentioned over a casual midweek pint nowadays and are always worth going to see live in order to keep up with what they’re up to. This is simply mighty too.

To sum up the month in one day … June 21st – Summer Solstice. Denmark being robbed of a victory by a dodgy VAR penalty, Patrick Evra’s aforementioned bow tie and jumper combination and a gig at The Shacklewell Arms that combined Argentina losing to Croatia, a band called PC-FX that don’t seem to have any existence yet on the internet (in fact I’ve been told have now split up and changed their name!), a band called POSA that entertained during half time and two great bands that one of us has been listening to recently but failed to arrive on stage before one of us lightweights realised that hitting the ale for a 1pm Kick off had its repercussions by 9PM.

Hearty apologies to first of all to  MEAL DEALS who had been seen before and listened out for over the past couple of years and have a new tune that was finally caught up with this month.

Putting this on display here is the least one of us can do.
‘Look he’s wearing a Brentford scarf on the video….’  said one person before looking at the seasons fixtures and then realising a visit to one of their gigs would be an more tempting opportunity than hoping to bump into them in the Princess Royal when the next domestic season starts.

Unfortunately we went home with football fever and a pining for chips.

APEMAN SPACEMAN‘s recent tune was also a big factor that persuaded one of us to patronise this venue on the night in question. These have been seen before but this new tune by the band had one of us sitting back wide eyed and taking a mental note of the name. Once again to reiterate how bloody distracting this months festival of football has been …. went to the gig didn’t watch the bands, watched the match and can’t even remember what the score was any more.

Two bands I really need to see again sometime.

More next month that may or may not mention football lots of times.

All words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV).You may subscribe to the Goldhanger Shorts Facebook page too if you so wish.


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