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Keith Goldhanger keeps bumping into ace new acts when he’s least expecting it and promises us monthly updates on what’s making his feet tap.

January 2017.

A quiet month it wasn’t.

Independent Venue Week had some of us standing in hot rooms watching hot bands before standing on cold pavements watching cool people smoking cigarettes and chatting about their reasons for being here as they prepare for the long haul back to wherever their beds are located.

If discipline can be habituated on a monthly basis then you’ll get to hear some of the glittering array of modern music a little after we have. If you’re cooler than us then you’ll know about all the bands that have had their cigarette smoking interrupted already. We suspect you’ll probably know about these bands anyway – you probably promoted the show in the first place. You probably saw them six months ago and came back for more, have all their tunes on your hard drives already and are already finding yourselves whistling their tunes in the bathroom.

Or maybe you won’t know about them yet.

It’s expected that in 28 days time this feature may be called something like ‘Things we didn’t know about a month ago : February 2017’ – however we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves here. In many cases, the bands that will feature on a monthly basis will be bands we didn’t actually leave the house to see. They may have simply just been there to support the acts already getting a little bit of attention anyway.  Some of us really don’t go out looking for these things but making the journey into the outside world is a lot more satisfying when confronted by such authentic entertainment that sometimes are too good to be ignored until we’re ready.

Of course, the bands we love already who are allowing us to hear their recent work will not be excluded. We’ve new tunes this month from a few bands we may have mentioned previously. A small hand full of these are listed below.

It’s been said before and it’s often worth repeating that the bands that make this listener wonder what the dickens they (the band in question) think they’re doing are usually the best. Sleaford Mods and The Rhythm Method are two recent examples (and five years is still recent for some of us) of people we’ve watched and wondered how they ever thought they could get away with such nonsense in front of the general public. Watching another band that own every Kasabian album and encourage the audience to ‘come on….’ whilst trying to get a couple of dozen people to put their hands in the air on a Wednesday night usually fall foul of a short attention span. Give some of us a couple of people singing along to a pre-recorded soundtrack or a knackered drum machine and we’re likely to embrace that more than the standard bass, drum, guitar line-up’s that are just as common as any other formation we witness nowadays.

However not always.

Amongst the bands seen during the first month of 2017 that we love already and don’t feel the need to write about again for a while, there has been more than one performance that has had us smiling with self-satisfactory glee at our decision to attend. Support bands really are worth arriving early for nowadays because the people who arrange these shows seem to have really good taste. We don’t often get the chance to meet these people because a lot of the (East London) gigs we go to to watch our favourite bands (pre-debut album) are free and therefore bereft of having anyone on the door stamping the back of your hands who we can chat too (thus making one have to make sure they have a wash before the following nights gig elsewhere, or in some occasions the same venue).


Hailing from the North of England (That’s the duo at the top of this page) came down to the smoke and surprised us by not being a hardcore punk rock band. Before their appearance (Old Blue Last – Supporting Sweat) we thought we were about to be shouted at by a man in a Beanie hat. Once they rose from the stage floor where their drum machine sat and began singing to us we had to admit we were very wrong about our presumed forthcoming entertainment.

This tune especially has been played on a loop whilst waiting for the bus since bumping into them and we really do want to see this duo again sometime. If it’s decided to continue these “Things we didn’t know about a month ago” articles and end up having a tune of the month then ‘Marcel’ by Her’s would be the first one.

Find them on Soundcloud and Facebook.


Black Mask appeared in front of our eyes and ears this month (Birthdays – supporting Pleasure Complex) and reminded us of those New Romantic bands that the New Romantics with all their ladies clothes and make up really didn’t like back in the early Eighties. A couple of face masks, a throbbing synth and a human drummer (original new romantic bands had drum machines) made for a very original half an hour and had us searching for their tunes and reminding us of the odd piece of brilliance we’d capture whilst listening to John Peel in the (very) early 1980’s. We may come back for more one day. We may not. They deserve your attention though.

Find them on Facebook.


Look like a bunch of blokes that should know better than to take on the world with their catchy punk rock that folk of all ages will one day embrace. They don’t sound anything like the Sleaford Mods but could quite possible steal the Nottingham duo’s audience one day.

Find them on Facebook.


Gave us a glorious new tune in January- this band are going from strength to strength and need to be heard.

Find them on Facebook.


Blonde Bunny win the most authentic release of the month.

Find them on Facebook.


A tune for the Dance tent at 2am when you’ve told everyone you’re heading back to your tent but end up staggering around to this being pumped out at ear splitting volume.

Find them on Facebook.

485C – Strange Medicine

Finally 485C have also been seen many times recently however their tunes and any photo’s are currently absent from the world wide web.  At the moment the best place to locate this tune without actually buying it is on the radio or going out to see them playing live. You should look for it and buy it for this reason alone it could be said.

Find them on Facebook.

More new music next month and plenty in between.


All words and pictures by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV).You may subscribe to the Goldhanger Shorts Facebook page too if you so wish.


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