If things couldn’t get any worse for Labour etc etc Professor Brian Cox has now said that he ‘probably wouldn’t’ let Ed Miliband use ‘Things Can only Get Better’, the  D:Ream song that he played keyboards on which formed the soundtrack to Blair’s landslide 1997 victory.

It could spare us the site of awkward politicians dancining clumpily to the boy band anthem and begs the question that it might be time to get a new tune.

The TV scientist feels that although he supported Tony Blair things are more complicated now due  to the muddy political climate’, adding,

I’d probably say no to Labour using the song — there are immense pros and cons to all the parties and I can’t quite see a clear direction.

It’s very different now than in ’97. In ’97, it was obvious that everybody supported Blair.

“But now I think it’s complicated, it’s a muddy political climate.

“I’m sort of apolitical intentionally, because I’m rather a single-issue person, so it’s definitely not clear-cut.”




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