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Dan McRae aka Thin Films drops another sublime piece of instrumental weirdness and immediately shared it with Ioan Humphreys.

I don’t use Twitter. I have an account which gets linked to stuff I have reviewed and I see that it gets ‘liked’ now and then. And then I get people following me and I tend to follow them back out of politeness. I am quite a simple person and don’t like much fuss. Anything to do with social media apart from Facebook scares and confuses me. So I don’t interact with it at all much.

So I don’t tend to engage with Twitter until I get an email telling me of a DM (I know the lingo!) message  informing me that Dan McRea has sent a message. I have had a few of these over the last year or so and I tend to open up the message, read it,  play the track and and love it. This guy is a seriously talented musician and is quickly amassing a thoroughly engaging, simple and robust set of ‘part film scores’ that rival anything around these days. This is my third review of his output.

This new ‘Thin Films’ release ‘Mountains and Machines’ begins quiet and understated, but quickly changes into an immediate throbbing beat and layers upon layers of minimalist electronica across its 4.06. This current piece conjours up images of distress signals and beacons from a failed crash landing on a remote planetary orb. The music seems to either encompass the feelings and depth of unsung and doomed heroes, or an unspoken being that has had something to do with the orb. The imagery that Thin Films produces is endless and inspirational.

Thin Films’ output is both prolific and borders on otherworldly. I like that. I can see Thin Films sound tracking the next JG Ballard film adaption. And he is still on a par with Clint Mansell’s output. Thin Films needs to be heard and used. Good stuff!


Find the track on Thin Films’ Soundcloud. Thin Films tweet as @dmcrae.

All words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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