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Thin Films recently dropped another sublime piece of instrumental loveliness and immediately shared it with LTW.

The prolific instrumentalist (and talented film maker) Dan McRae aka Thin Films has yet again shared a beautiful, slow burning piece of music. But this time with a lovely twist.  Inspired by his 10 Year old daughter entering the BBC’s annual 500 word short story competition, Thin Films “decided it was such a great story that it would be so cool for her to make it into a video.” Using the story and an existing Thin Films track ‘ANTLERS’ as the soundtrack, together we have the majestic ‘Moonrise Valley’. A complete work of video and music art that manages to stand alone as both a piece of music and a beautiful animated story.

The track opens with a very oriental (old piano) sound that is reminiscent of previous Thin Films pieces. This infectious sound carries on throughout the 4 minute piece, and is also joined by the sounds of running water and howling wolves. Combined with this, we have very minimalist visuals that remind one of the landscapes imagined by Stanley Donwood for Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ sleeve art.

Half way through, the gentle tone of the piece is ramped up to a genuinely dance-able breakout that has a great beat that gets under the skin. And then it is not long before you are brought back down to earth with the tracks sublime flow and undercurrents.


Oh, and not forgetting the real talent lying behind this track – congratulations to Kitty Isobella McRae for a fantastic story about a wolf pack trying to feed and fend for themselves in a harsh cold environment. The story, the music and the visuals all come together to produce something very gentle and genuinely moving.

Thin Films said that “I wanted the film to inspire other kids to get into writing creatively and to see that something can really happen with their stories”. I think this is a great reason for the track and visuals and hopefully it will inspire lots more young people to imagine and create. It’s exactly what the world needs right now.


Find the ANTLERS track on Thin Films’ Bandcamp. Thin Films tweet as @dmcrae.

All words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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