These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things … by Keith GoldhangerKeith Goldhanger is one of Louder Than War’s more prolific of writers and in this piece of writing he reflects on some of his highlights from 2013. Where appropriate (which is most always) we’ve included a link to his review of the pertinent artist. But before you begin reading we recommend you click “play” on the Youtube playlist embedded a couple of lines down which includes music by most of the bands mentioned on here.

That bit between Christmas and the new year means I can reminisce and look forward to things and make a list. In the words of Julie Andrews, these are a few of my favourite things …


My favourite new band of 2013 was CuT.

My favourite old band of 2013 was WIRE.

My favourite tune of 2013 was THE SUNSHINE UNDERGROUND “It’s only you”.

The tune that reminded me most of my youth was “Japan to Jupiter” by KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION.

My favourite performance in 2013 was DEXYS in Liverpool Cathedral.

BOATS at Liverpool Sound City were a nice surprise that weekend too.

My favourite gig at Glastonbury was SIX BY SEVEN (although NICK CAVE came a close second).

My favourite weekend was the Sŵn Festival in Cardiff and it will be remembered for the weekend I first heard and saw RADSTEWART and GULP and HIS NAKED TORSO and THIS IS WRECKAGE and SUMMER GHOST and TOTEM TERRORS and CUT RIBBONS. (Keith reviewed each day of Sŵn. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4).

I have too many favourite albums of 2013.

Sometimes it would be the FACTORY FLOOR album and at other times it might be the GOLDHEART ASSEMBLY album and on weekends it’s usually the SIX BY SEVEN album.

I already know what will be one of my favourite albums of 2014.

If Robbie Williams is reading this and wants to know how to get a number one record again then he should cover GOLDHEART ASSEMBLY’s “Sad Sad Stage” because it would help his career and make lots of money for GOLDHEART ASSEMBLY. It’s the one that sounds a bit like “We are the champions” but better.

The saddest I felt when a band split up were LULS although I believe that once I get to see EMBERS next year everything will be ok again.

My favourite radio show is Xposure on XFM and my favourite session on it was the one by THUMPERS and my favourite live recording was the CuT gig the day after Glastonbury.

My favourite promoters in 2013 were Bad Vibrations who put on so many fab gigs that by September I just gave up looking at their posters so I could have a night in now and again.

My favourite Venue of 2013 was The Shacklewell Arms.

My favourite meal was the beetroot risotto at “Mello Mello” during Liverpool Sound City.

The fastest rising artist I have been witness to in 2013 has been NADINE SHAH.

My favourite pop star in 2013 was David from THE ART CLUB although I did just meet EUGINE McGUINESS.

……… well when I say “met” I mean I pointed at him and shouted


… and then stood and listened as he politely described exactly what he was wearing when I saw him play at the Barfly a couple of years ago.

My favourite place in 2013 is the little walk between the tube station and the Tram and Social in Tooting. It’s short and it’s the only area I know in Tooting and you never know if you’re going to see something truly great when you walk through the doors on “Remedy night”.

Like AK/DK – fucking hell that was a superb show.

FUCK BUTTONS at the Electric Ballroom was good.

Me, on stage at Glastonbury wearing a Cameron mask when I should have been eating my breakfast….no comment. (Watch Keith … er … David …. er … Keith slink on stage then dominate it from around 3 mins on THIS VIDEO on the BBC’s Website – ed.)

Missing CHIC because i “forgot” they were playing at Glastonbury … no comment.

After five or so years of casually wandering to the end of the road to watch Leyton Orient when I was bored and fancied popping out for a couple of hours and then really kicking myself after for spending all that money on a lot of shit entertainment, I can’t remember a season as enjoyable as this one. Local Football … that’s been good this year.

The band I look forward to seeing most in 2014 is the same band as I looked forward to seeing in 2013, but managed to see only twice: ECSTASY.

The FACTORY FLOOR, EAST INDIA YOUTH GIG the other night was nearly better than DEXYS.

EAST INDIA YOUTH debut album in 2014 …Get it.

I need to mention SIVU – his stuff is bloody great.

In 2013 I realised I had a new favourite football player. My first favourite player since Trésor Lomana LuaLua back in the late 90s at Colchester (only saw him once, he totally tore up QPR).

After realising this year I had a new favourite player I was then lucky enough to meet him.

He’s the first football I have ever met.

The two songs I have been whistling all year whenever I don’t have my headphones on is “Give Peace another chance” by ROSCO and “Shelter Song” by TEMPLES.

One Sunday afternoon in 2013 I stood in a big big room alone. At the other end was JOHN GRANT and his band as they went through “GMF” – Imagine that.

My second favourite bit of a gig I remember in 2013 (you’ve all now seen the Nick Cave clip) is THE WAVE PICTURES “Sleepy eye” at the Camden Barfly in February featuring the squeaky barfly door….

They’re also a band I promise to listen to more of in 2014.

I never tire of hearing that WINNY PUHH song that failed to qualify for the 2013 Eurovison song contest.

I’m beginning to think that maybe in 2014 I should really start thinking about not taping stuff off the radio any more.

I need to catch up on all that Flaming Lips stuff I seem to have neglected over the past five years.

I’d like to see all those people the same age as myself who (as I do) go and see the odd band that are well past their sell by date to investigate how fucking brilliant EAGULLS are and then all turn up to see them in a big venue so they can then stop saying they haven’t discovered any new bands for years.

SLEAFORD MODS – them too.

My favourite debut single by a band (I’m allowing myself the excuse to make up categories in case you haven’t yet realised) is “Follow” by TELEGRAM.

I left a football match before the final whistle one day in 2013 so I could get to Wembley Arena in time to see ELIZA AND THE BEAR play bottom of the bill. A couple of weeks later at the same football ground I turned around and the band were all sitting behind me.

I haven’t seen them since.

My favourite debut single by anyone by the name of Nadine was “Aching Bones” by NADINE SHAH.

Her album is ace too.


That footballer I met has been playing a bit shit since I met him and somehow I have to mention “Get Lucky” by DAFT PUNK.

Does anyone want to buy a cassette?

Happy New Year xx


All words by Keith Goldhanger. More work by Keith on Louder Than War can be found here. He’s also on SoundCloud here, Facebook here and tweets as @HideousWheeelInv.

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