Theme Park: An Appreciation & Live Review

Theme Park
Reading Festival
25th August 2012

“Theme Park are one of the most exciting new songwriting forces in our midst today…” it says on It would appear Keith Goldhangar agrees, as you’ll find out if you read his “appreciation” of the band below, something that he wrote after he saw them live for the umpteenth time this year at Reading Festival last week.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE PLAYING AT !!!! ?” is just one reaction I’ve had this year when taking someone along for a quiet night out in one of London’s venues hosting an array of new up and coming artists and featuring this band. In fact I’d actually go so far as to say that some people think i’m actually taking the proverbial urine when I go on about this lot -so i’m stating now, categorically, that I think THEME PARK are fucking brilliant ok?

POP MUSIC – remember that ? – The New Seekers, WHAM, ABC, Scissor Sisters, even fuckin Spandau and Duran had their moments – but not any of that talent show bollocks you get on telly – except maybe HERESAY – I thought that first song of theirs was ACE and that’s really when all that nonsense should really have come to an end.

But I digress – y’see THEME PARK are a bunch of lovely lads who all look about 12 years old (they’re older than that) and do what they do without considering all the stereotypical Indie trends that come our way ever so often. It’s as though they’re not really trying AND THAT’S WHAT MAKES THEM GREAT.

I catch up with them at READING festival and my early morning alarm call has been rewarded by them walking on stage the minute I arrive…


If there’s ever a band that you’ll play at home before going out binge drinking on a Friday night, just before the doorbell rings and just before your already pissed up mate walks in through the door and shouts something like AAAWWWWIIIITTTE MATE, LETS FUCKIN ‘AVE IT !!!! …before quickly removing the CD and replace it by pumping out the latest Kasabian track to attempt to appear cooler than you actually are then this would be these chaps.

But today – in the sunshine, I have finally found myself standing with people, hundreds of people who all know the words better than I do and are happy in this corner of a field to sing and dance along to their neatly written POP songs and not actually give a fuck that there may be others out there, on the periphery of the tent and on the periphery of our lives smirking at those of us inside having a poptastic moment – a moment that we all deserve at one time or another …..…”one just simply cannot be listening to MELT BANANA all our lives you know…”

Bad pop music (really fuckin bad pop music) is made by bands like “Scouting for Girls” who I could rant on about for days, and have been known to. But won’t here.

Good pop music is made by bands that can sound a bit like New Order who are the most relevant band I would want to compare these guys to. “TWO HOURS” (hear above) — give that tune a spin and imagine what we’d all be saying if this was a 2012 New Order track …the country would be littered with kittens and Hooky would be knocking back on the studio door begging to be let back in. But it’s not. And Theme Park are not going to be the new New Order. They’re going to be the new “Theme Park” & they’ll be releasing their debut album soon, & whilst everyone around us will ignore until they suddenly appear on telly live – in a fuckin great shed having charged 60 odd quid a ticket or at Glastonbury on a sunny afternoon, wearing shirts that Michael and Ridgley would have worn back in 1982 AND YOU’LL HATE THEM -JUST LIKE YOU HATED THE SCISSOR SISTERS WHEN THEY PLAYED THOSE BLOODY GREAT BIG VENUES and channel 4 piped it into your living room.
Which was when you realised that this is stuff that all your mates who have gone off and had babies ARE NOW LISTENING TO !

That bass drum of theirs gets louder every time I see them you know …and it seems to be doing the trick. Just watch what happens…and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Theme Park’s website is here. You can also find them in the usual online homes for bands such as Facebook, YouTube & Twitter too.

All words Keith Goldhanger. To read other Louder Than War pieces by Keith go here. Keith is on twitter as HIDEOUSWHEELINV.

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