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So about 6 weeks ago totally out of nowhere, well Tel Aviv actually, came the first rumours that there really was a strong possibility that the reunion everyone had hoped for since their last 2 outings headlining Leeds and Reading festivals in the summer of 2010 now looked to possibly maybe happen so still somewhat uncertain it seemed.
With Doherty’s solo gigs happening at least 3-4 times a month or more across the UK France Spain Germany etc plus the recent success of the last Babyshambles album Prequel to the Sequel having went so well with 40+ gigs promoting it then why would he even need to consider a reunion.
In that Tel Aviv article he gave us clues to that too,he’s a dad again for the 3rd time and wants to help financially and support both the child and mother and so all the required ingredients were all there.
1)65000 willing Libertines fans
2)a top notch promoter with a sponsor willing to throw several £million pounds at it ensuring the potential gig of the summer has no expense spared.
3)suitable spaces in everyone’s diaries
4)2 previously estranged band members who’ve now truly kissed and made up and are ready to rock once more, and so:-

British Summer Time Hyde Park finally announced the confirmed reformation of The LIBERTINES
A band who like the Beatles and the Stones, The Clash and the Sex Pistols, Oasis and Blur. Along with the Arctic Monkeys became the band of their particular generation, the early to mid 2000’s.
The Hyde Park bill which along with 65000 fans includes a full supporting bill from the likes of The Pogues The View Brown Bear and the Bandits Deadcuts and more are all equally awaiting Saturday 5th July with baited breath.
It was just too big an event considering they hadn’t played live for 4 years not to do one if not two smaller warm up gigs and so Peter Doherty’s favourite city in the UK was picked then one of his top 5 favourite venues in the world Barrowlands was selected for 2 “low key “warm up gigs.
Both the Barrowlands gigs sold out in a matter of minutes and so the stage was set.
This is a song by song review of the first one the Saturday.

Bursting onstage and zooming through their first 3 songs “Horror Show “,”Delaney ” and “Vertigo” you’d have thought they were in a hurry and had another important engagement somewhere soon.
To use football parlance the team is off to a flyer and they’ve now found a second breath so by the fourth song “What Became of the Likely Lads ” Carl Gary Peter and the coolest most laid back bassist since Paul Simonon John The Libertines are showing us just what did become of them and the Barrowlands ancient walls were already sweating never mind the assembled 2000 plus fans and seamlessly were on to “The Saga”,”The Post of the Bugle” and “The Ha Ha Wall”.
The show is being broken down into 3-4 song segments and every song saw The Libertines accompanied by the Barrowlands adrenaline fuelled devotees in fine voice so by the time “Don’t Look Back Into the Sun” was taking us into segment 3 they too had calmed down and were singing along without a lyric out of place so favourites like “Boy Looked at Johnny “,”Death On the Stairs ” and ” Boys In the Band ” helped make it easy for the singalong to continue.
The next wee section had “Music When The Lights Go Out”,”Love On The Dole” and “Radio America ” takes us into the final third of a Libertines gig that will go down in Barrowlands folk lore as one of its finest ever shows.
“Begging” “Tell The King” and “What Katie Did ” which Carl sang with such passion you’d have thought he was singing about one of his former lovers rather than one of Peters.
“Time For Heroes ” “Can’t Stand Me Now ” and final song “The Good Old Days ” left you knowing that there is still greatness ahead for this band of 4 so noticeably different personalities it really is surprising they ever became a band in the first place but isn’t that the beauty of rock n roll.
There was absolutely no chance the assembled devotees were going anywhere until The Libertines returned with an encore and a few more tunes and so we were further treated to firstly “Up The Bracket ” then fan favourite “What A Waster” then finally the last of the last was upon us and ” I Get Along ” which to everyones relief and great pleasure they had indeed got along to an extent that I’d seen several people crying as well as a half a dozen or so having to be dragged out from the very front where a mixture of heat and excitement had all been too much for them.
It may well have been 2010 since the 4 Likely Lads had performed publicly together but you’d never have known they’d ever been away.
Barrowlands was treated to one of its more memorable gigs and for those heading south to London to see them at Hyde Park you are in for one hell of a treat.
The Libertines are without a doubt back to stay this time it’s just how Peter Doherty intends to find a suitable way to juggle Babyshambles, The Libertines, his solo gigs,his writing and his acting.
As he told me later,on Monday he has every intention to somehow be loyal to everyone and keep both bands going at full throttle.
The next gear change is this Saturday when Hyde Park London becomes the good ship Albion for a day.
Enjoy every minute Libertonians.





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