The Wombles have reformed for Glastonbury

This is genius news.
Glam rock titans and probably very hot session players inside big furry suits (we know this at LouderThan War because we actually know an ex- Womble!) , the Wombles have reformed.

Well they are playing one gig at Glastonbury on the Avalon Stage on the Sunday and then they will clean up the site…

Oddly they sound quite good now, kinda ballsy glam rock pastiches written by Mike Batt (who wasn’t a Womble or a bat).


  1. Heard they were reforming – then saw that they were guests on one of UK Channel 4’s ‘yoof pop’ TV shows.

    Fantastic, I thought – when I was a Yoot I listened to music by people of all ages, not just music made by people my own age – disappointingly I then noticed it was The Wombats & not The Wombles. ( big influence on the Ramones according to Tommy in the film ‘End of the century’ ?)

    Good if they could start a litter campaign to get more of the urban kids to put their rubbish in the bins,

    Cheers John Robb for the piece on Polly, she was a true punk, an original & warm, friendly person when I met her one night.

    Rock on Rog !

    PS – could you clarify the ‘commentator @ user+blank’ text?


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