william loveday

The William Loveday Intention

Sex And Flys/Becoming Unbecoming Me (Slight Return)

The Jutland Sea/Scapa Flow

(Spinout Nuggets)

Released 29 October 2021

Spinout Nuggets release two fantastic singles from Billy Childish’s William Loveday Intention project.

Billy Childish returns with more releases under his William Loveday moniker, revisiting some of his older tracks and giving them a twist in keeping with his recent Bob Dylan obsession, tying them neatly to his recent albums.

First up is the single Sex And Flys. Originally released in 1996 with his band Thee Headcoats, the rollicking garage rock tune has been taken right back to a beautiful harmonica-drenched duet. It expertly proves the old adage that, if a song is good enough, it should be possible to strip it back down to its purest form. The flipside, Becoming Unbecoming Me (Slight Return), kicks up the rhythm, shimmying through guitar wonderful licks over a simple organ that runs beneath. The song tells the true tale of a Jewish girl’s change of identity in Venice as a means of escaping the death camps. While pegged clearly to his new direction, the urgency remains.

Next up is the single The Jutland Sea. It’s a country-twanged sea shanty that pays homage to The Battle Of Jutland in 1916. Simple, marked by an eerie violin that creeps along throughout, the delivery allows a focus on the yearning lyrics. Scapa Flow, the b-side, pretty much picks up the same melody, the same song as an instrumental reprise that allows a lamenting sadness to flow through, again, that haunting violin that recalls Scarlet Rivera’s indomitable presence in Dylan’s Desire era.

We’ve said it before, and have no problem saying it again. Spinout Nuggets are a wonderful label going from strength to strength. Them teaming up with The William Loveday Intention makes perfect sense and together they’ve put out two fantastic singles of Medway folk.

Both singles are limited to 500 copies and are available now from Spinout Nuggets. They are available separately and also as part of their Medway Madness pack with Auntie Vegetable’s Chives From Hell EP.

Spinout Nuggets are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Words by Nathan Whittle. Find his Louder Than War archive here.


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Nathan has been writing for Louder Than War since 2012. Before that, he wrote for manchestermusic.co.uk. Now living in Spain, he also writes for the Spanish magazine Ruta 66.


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