Come Play With Me proudly presents a collection of 20 Bond themes covered by current and former members of The Wedding Present. This benefit album will be released on Fri-day 4th December as a double LP (including CD), CD, and digitally. 100% of the profits from its sale will be donated to ‘Campaign Against Living Miserably’ (CALM).
Questioned about the origins of the project, David Gedge of The Wedding Present said: Where do ideas like this come from? Well, I can tell you that this one was born during a soundcheck in New Zealand, in 2013, when the band were playing around with the main melody of the classic Bond theme You Only Live Twice.’”
 ‘And then came another idea. Each of the artists on this proposed compilation would be required to have a physical connection to Cinerama or The Wedding Present. I liked the unifying feel of that. I suppose it appealed to the collector in me. None of the artists I ap-proached asked for payment for their track and so the obvious thing to do was to make this a benefit album. The ‘CALM’ organisation was suggested to me as a charity that’s doing great work and, after wed heard more, we were keen to support it. Throw in a beautiful sleeve design and here, seven years after that fateful sound check in Auckland, you have The Wedding Present… and their lovely friends… saluting the astounding music of Bond. James Bond.” 
Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM adds “I’ve loved The Wedding Present since I was a teen-ager. I once saw David Gedge doing some photocopying in an office, but couldn’t pluck up the courage to speak to him. I have jumped up and down to My Favourite Dress in fields across the country and the tension of Brassneck and Dalliance gets me all sweaty. I, and CALM can’t thank the band enough for this album. Suicide is on the increase – it’s the single biggest killer of young men and the cause of death for 18 people each and every day in the UK. CALM is leading a movement against suicide through campaigning and through our free to call helpline and it’s support like this that means our message can reach more people than ever. CALM believes everyone has the right to be happy and that no-one should lose their love of life.” 
The Wedding Present are a band that have always been keen to explore new ways to showcase their music but this album also serves as a fascinating insight into the strength and diversity of the musicians that have been members… as well as revealing their favourite Bond tunes!
In addition to the expected contributions from Cinerama and The Wedding Present, the album features a first ‘super-group’ outing for ‘Sleeper featuring David Gedge’ and also a solo rendition of Louis Armstrong’s classic ‘We Have All The Time In The World’ by David himself.
There’s also, potentially, the first-ever Ukrainian-language cover of a Madonna track!
  Track listing:
Side A 1. James Bond Theme – The Sleazoids
 2. You Only Live Twice – The Wedding Present 
3. Goldfinger – Simone White 
4. Goldeneye – Follow The Moths 
5. The Man With The Golden Gun – Jetstream Pony Side
B 1. Live And Let Die – The Donalds 
2. The World Is Not Enough – Maria Scaroni 
3. Diamonds Are Forever – Cinerama 
4. Tomorrow Never Dies – Danielle Wadey & Charles Layton 
5. All Time High – Minitel Side 
C 1. Nobody Does It Better – Samuel Beer-Pearce 
2. For Your Eyes Only – Klee 
3. Thunderball – The Legendary Len Liggins 
4. Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Sleeper featuring David Lewis Gedge 
5. From Russia With Love – Graeme Ramsay Side 
D 1. View To A Kill – Terry de Castro 
2. Die Another Day – The Ukrainians 
3. Skyfall – Such Small Hands 
4. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Shaun Charman 
5. We Have All The Time In The World – David Lewis Gedge 
The sleeve design is by celebrated British artists, The Connor Brothers.
The Wedding Present are one of the UK’s most longstanding and much-loved indie bands and have eighteen UK Top 40 hit singles to their name. Not bad for a band that has, from its inception, stubbornly refused to play the record industry’s game. From debut al-bum ‘George Best’, “an unmitigated delight” (NME), onwards, the band has charted an ap-pealing, if often eccentric, course of its very own. The band released its ninth studio album, ‘Going, Going…’, to huge critical acclaim in 2016. Since then the band have retained a prolific output including releases of a series of BBC 6 Music sessions recorded for Marc Riley, George Best 30 (re-recorded with Steve Albini and released 2017), Something Left Behind (film, 2018), Tommy 30 (re-recorded and re-leased 2019) and new studio single ‘Jump In, The Water’s Fine’ / ‘Panama’ in 2019. Sleevenotes, David’s reflection on his earlier lyrics, was published in 2019 and during lockdown in 2020, the band recorded a series of Stripped Back sessions for their festival At The Edge Of The Sofa. A musical based on David’s music is now also in the works!
Facebook: theweddingpresentofficial 
Twitter & Instagram: weddingpresent 
Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against suicide by offering life-saving services, provoking national conversation, and bringing people together to empower everyone to reject living miserably and stand together against suicide.
 For more information, visit
If you’re struggling CALM’s helpline & webchat are open from 5pm until midnight. Call the helpline on 0800 58 58 58, or chat to their trained helpline staff online. No matter who you are or what you’re going through, it’s free, anonymous & confidential. 
Come Play With Me CIC (CPWM) exists to support people in Yorkshire attempting to acquire a sustainable career within music. It is best known as a ‘7” singles club’ and music magazine, but also runs a series of events to create, and signpost to, opportunities within music careers.
Founder/director of CPWM, Tony Ereira, was a trustee of CALM 2012 – 2017.
Facebook & Twitter: ComePlayWith / Instagram: cpwmco
 For all enquiries please contact
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