The Voice beaten by Countryfile in TV ratings

the Voice judges from left to right...not quite right trousers, some bloke, WillI Am not, and a bloke who can actually sing

In another victory for music – the X Factor copycat show, The Voice, suffered its most humiliating ratings blow after it was beaten by the excellent BBC series Countryfile which drew 6.8million viewers. The Voice results show was shown straight after it, 500,000 people switched off and it pulled a mere 6.3m.

This means more people tuned in to watch Countryfile, hosted by Julia Bradbury. It is the latest blow to The Voice, after ratings had halved in recent weeks.

With X Factor suffering ratings blows as well, maybe the public is getting bored of the format and maybe there will be an opening up on the mainstream media to all the wonderful music made out there on the world instead of wannabe karaoke singers…on the other hand the BBC have already confirmed that the Voice will return and they are busy coring Simon Cowell…

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  1. John – these programs are just updated versions of New Faces and Opportunity Knocks I don’t watch them and I don’t like them but you can’t knock the young kids who enter and you can’t deny that most that get through have talent in their particular field and I really don’t like knocking people who have talent even if I don’t myself enjoy what they do.

    My view is that these types of programs help the alternative music scene thrive because they will always divide opinion and those that don’t like it will find an alternative they do enjoy and those that have talent in that field will be a success to some degree.

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