The Vermin Suicides ‘Yeahman! It’s… The Vermin Suicides’ – album review

The Vermin Suicides ”˜Yeahman! It’s… The Vermin Suicides’ (Anti Pop)
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The Vermin Suicides hail from Liverpool, and are at the forefront of the city’s current live music renascence; the band was put together two years ago from previous members of The Dead Class, 0898 and Dutch Porn Thursday ”“ a Frankenstein creation indeed; they have secured themselves a fearsome live reputation, and this their debut album release has successfully captured that energy and retained their quirky side; they’re committed to what they’re doing yet don’t seem to take themselves that seriously – with tracks like album open ”˜Um Bongo’ which briefly sounds remarkably like Theme From Shaft before tribal drumming rains down as LeVerme screeches “do you like my um bongo… it’s very goooood”, and ”˜Banzai’ with its yelped chorus lifted from the insane 80’s TV series bearing the same name, through to the full tilt punk head rush of ”˜Keep The Beat’ a cover of the Snuff track ”“ everything clicks snugly and yet…uncomfortably.

And it’s this edge that the sound retains that draws you in – there’s little concession to trends, yet this album is bang on trend pulling together dub, sharp angular guitar and some serious tub thumping all topped with Anton Le Verme’s strident voice, which sounds like a weird mix of Jello Biafra and James Dean Bradfield. This is an ambitious release crafted by members of a band who are not afraid to be different, and in the case of LeVerme he exposes himself and his lovelorn yearnings during ”˜State Of The Art’ as he wails “My heart a state of the art, don’t you rip it apart” while during ”˜No Control’ he extends his range – the high pitched crescendos on the chorus ensure the forward momentum. ”˜A Beat And A Melody’ walks with a cocky swagger, the dub kicking in, big drums building to a frenzied conclusion; during ”˜The Antidote’ things go all ska infused before the rabble rousing chorus and solid beat remind us the bands punk roots, which are fully reaffirmed during the 1min 39 seconds of ”˜Et Tu, Brute’ the refrain repeated over an incessant beat defeating all who oppose ”“ quite who Vermin Suicides are accusing is not made clear!

”˜Yeahman! It’s… The Vermin Suicides’ is satisfyingly difficult to pigeon hole, it offers up an entire menu of genres and yet remains a complete cohesive item – and that fact alone should encourage you to seek out this album.

An irresistible record… Yeahman!


Um Bongo
State of the Art
No Control
A Beat & A Melody
All I Want
Human Nature
Everything Is Everything
Danger To Know
Et Tu Brute
Keep The Beat

Live dates:

27th April ”“ Osale Rooms, Warrington
18th May ”“ Mello Mello, Liverpool


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