‘The Dame Vera Lynn moment’ what can music do to beat the virus?Dame Vera Lynn was 103 last week.

Think about it… 103.

When we were growing up she seemed from an ancient time and the idea that song like (There’ll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover could mean so much to so many seemed strange but now that we in the middle of similar world crisis it’s brought the power of song home in a powerful way.

The tsunami of the virus has engulfed us all.

It makes us feel powerless and beaten by an invisible enemy.

We can either sit back and drown in the hopelessness of it.

Or we can use our skills to fight back.

It’s great to see brewing company Brewdog make thousand of bottles of hand sanitiser and give them away free to hospitals but what can people in the music community do? Of course were not vital frontline staff like nurses (who seriously need to be paid properly and looked after in the post virus world – it’s criminal they have been ignored for years) but we can offer something.

In music world we need to fill the world with empowerment, entertainment and joy – whether its the singing cops in the video posted on the site yesterday, new music like Lewsburg, the livecasts that have mushroomed since we posted the idea a couple of weeks ago, or Brian May’s charming Instagram posts where he plays requests on his guitar. Maybe someone will write the song that captures this moment, maybe music can be the glue that it always is holding us together. Whether it’s some industrial noise, bedroom wonk or mainstream pop moment this is the time to step up for the Vera Lynn moment…



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