The Ultimate Rhythm and Blues 50th Anniversary Tour: Aberdeen – live revew

The Ultimate Rhythm and Blues 50th Anniversary Tour
The Music Hall, Aberdeen
15th February 2014

Ft. The Zombies, The Animals & Friends, The Yardbirds, Maggie Bell, and Dave Berry. All photo © Dod Morrison

With this amazing line up that has had up to 37 hit records in the UK charts for over 300 weeks you are guaranteed an unforgettable night. And we weren’t disappointed.

The Animals & Friends was the 1st part of the evening, with original drummer John Steel, and with Mick Gallagher on keyboards, the same Mick Gallagher that had played with them in 1965 but more notably was known for playing with Ian Dury and The Blockheads and on the Clash albums “London’s Calling” and “Sandinista” and Pete Barton on vocals… They get a straight into singing “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” with crowd singing along…before Pete Barton leaves the stage.
They are joined on stage by Dave Berry who is 73 years old and likes the reaction from the crowd, and says he is glad to be here, “in fact at my age I am glad to be anywhere“, he says with a big smile, and tell us that he last played Aberdeen was in the 60’s, with the Rolling Stones on their tour, and looks at the crowd and says “in fact some of you could be my sons and daughters“, and tell us the song he about to a sing, he almost didn’t do as it was a ballad and was not his style then, but was told by Jimmy Paige who as on the Decca label with him 1965, to record it was a good song is a good song whether it is a ballad, rock or pop…And he then sings “The Crying Game” which really goes down well with the crowd…

They are joined next by Maggie Bell who I don’t know much about but knew she sang the theme tune for Taggart; she had her biggest UK hit in 1981 duet ting with BA Robertson “Hold Me” which she performs here tonight with Pete Barton and did a rendition of “The Northern Lights”…

Now that Pete is back we are going to get a couple more Animals songs before the break. “We Gotta Get Out Of The Place” is an iconic song amongst soldiers and was often played by the America forces during
the Vietnam conflict… and apparently still played on the armed forces radio stations today, John Steel comes out from behind his drums and stands at the front of the stage and tells is there is only one song left to play “we did it in one take and cost 15 bob to make“… The 1st chords of the guitar are played and a chill runs through me and all the venue cheers and sings the open line “There is a house in New Orleans” and “House Of The Rising Sun“ finishes an entertaining 1st half…

The second half of the show commenced with The Yardbirds, who played there hit “Heart Full Of Soul” always impresses me when a band plays what you think will be there last song so early in a set. With original drummer Jim McCarty and lead guitarist Top Topman. And they also play “Dazed And Confused” saying we played it before jimmy’s other band ever did…

Up next was the headline act The Zombies, with original singer Colin Bluntstone and keyboard player Rod Argent. They play “Time Of Season” but not before telling us that it was sampled by Eminem and went to number one…“What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted” gets a rock n roll revamp and it worked real well, apparently of all the cover versions of this song Jimmy Ruffin likes the Colin Blunstone’s version the best. After The Zombies had originally split up , Rod Argent went on to form Argent, so we get some Argent tunes tonight too, “Hold Your Head High” and “God Gave Rock N Roll To You” which morphed in to “Scotland The Brave” in the middle. And of course there is only song to finish the night “She’s Not There” ranked 297th on Rolling Stone magazines 500 songs of all time, it brings a perfect end to a quality evening…

Now some of these artistes playing tonight have been playing for 50 years, let’s see if some of these manufactured, TV show bands are around even a quarter of that time…


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