The UK’s first prog festival – in Blackpool on May 19/21

On May 19/21 there will be a new festival dedicated to prog rock.
perhaps the first of its kind in the UK it will be held in Blackpool and feature a mixture of older underground prog legends and several of the newer groups that have begun to appear playing the music in the last couple of years.

The Electric Garden Progressive Rock festival will (for the first year) be a 3 day celebration of Progressive Rock in May 2011. Starting on the Thursday night we’ll have 12 of the best UK and Overseas acts to entertain you with an excellent sound system and convivial atmosphere.

All 12 acts have now been announced The Tangent, The Watch, Credo, Abel Ganz, Nerve Toy Trio, Also Eden, Godsticks, Dropshard, Matt Stevens, IT, SeYeS and Earthling Society.

Tickets are on sale at a hefty advance discount and will also entitle you to a free programme for the event. We hope you will buy in advance and help make our inaugaral festival a runaway success.

For more details go to the website HERE


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