Green Day nick Purple hearts song
Green Day nick Purple hearts song

Green Day did NOT steal the Purple Hearts track, ‘Gun Of Life, as the basis for their song ‘Carpe Diem’.

Green Day nick Purple hearts song

Unlike most bands in rock history who quite happily nick stuff and don’t credit it back the American pop punk giants actually did the honorable thing and phone Purple Heart, Jeff shadbolt who was honoured to have a Green Day spokesperson to ask if they could use the music of his song in their track.

For the Purple Hearts it’s great to get the recognition and may get people checking out some of their other great songs.

This story has lots of positives to it, from Green Day being cool enough to ask for permission first and taking care that the band were awarded for their creativity and also being honest enough to admit where their inspiration came from and paying for it.

It also shows that they had the in depth musical knowledge to know about the Purple Hearts song. The Purple Hearts were one of the so called mod revival bands in the early eighties but for many of us were a very good punk band wearing smart mod suits. The 1982 b-side, written by bass player Jeff Shadbolt, has been a staple of the Hearts live set over the years, last featured on the ‘Purple Hearts – Live’ album.

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