The Toy Dolls: North Shore, Sunderland – live photo review

The Toy Dolls
North Shore, Sunderland
2nd November 2013

Pics: Dod Morrison Photography

After 30 years the The Toy Dolls have came back to play Sunderland. To a sell out and excited crowd, as soon as the band arrived on stage with their trademark sun glasses, and under sized school uniform, the crowd went wild,

Straight into ‘Cloughie Is A Boot Boy” the tempo is set for the rest of the night, fast paced, frantic and fun.

Let’s play a new one” says Olga and as ‘Nellie The Elephant’ (which reached number 4 in the charts 1984) is played the crowd are all singing along.
Olga and bassist Tom Goober pogo and preen around the stage, throwing there guitars around in a Status Quo type style, pulling funny expressions and running all over the stage, how they keep up this paces is quite frankly amazing.

During ‘Wipe-out’ Olga and Tom spin there guitars around like windmills. This is a very well oiled band everything is in sync and timed to perfection.

During the encores, The Toy Dolls get TV Smith, who is supporting them on tour, to come on stage with them and sing ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’ – it went down a treat with the crowd.

Olga is smiling away during the whole show and the band is enjoying them selves immensely, this is a band that should tour more often..lets hope they do.

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