The Tapestry: Manchester – live review

The Tapestry
The Castle, Manchester
14th July 2012

Earlier in the year we featured The Tapestry as one of our New Bands of the Day. They’ve gone from strength to strength since then and recently played a barnstorming home gig at The Castle in Manchester. Fergal Kinney was lucky enough to be in the audience & here’s his review of the show.

Little under a year ago, Manchester’s the Tapestry sold out Night and Day, and tonight proves no different at another Oldham Street venue. Even during the support act, the back room at the Castle is filling up and people are being turned away by the time the band takes to the stage. Tonight the band (and chunks of their audience) is clad solely in green as a tribute to the sad passing of singer Liam Faherty’s father ”“ an emotional moment begins the proceedings as a friend recounts a poignant story that brings the boisterous Castle crowd to a silence; no small task! All mournful tone is shelved from this point onwards and the gig begins in a more celebratory tone, opening with 2011 single ”ËœTake Turns’ ”“ a pounding burst of infectious guitars and poptastic backing vocals.

Over the last year or so the band have grown majorly in confidence, and songs recorded some two years ago sound fresher and with more verve than ever. Though not necessarily a natural showman, singer Liam delivers every track with tuneful passion and an increasing ease on the stage. Drummer Reece is the uniquely skilful backbone of the group, and the band’s three-pronged-attack Liam, Katy and Dyna bring a fantastic chemistry to the stage. The Manchester audience are pogo-ing throughout and singing back the words of singles ”ËœRode Your Luck’ and ”ËœMy Phoney War’. That independent releases, hard graft and word of mouth can pack out increasing venue’s in and around the city is reason enough for the band to beat their chest, and this ethic combined with the band’s understated ambition and instantly memorable songs should with any hope propel this group to success.

The new material debuted at tonight’s gig suggests a further expansion of their sharp, hook-laden sound; with Donna Summer style disco drums and fierce guitars. The whole room is on their feet for a note-perfect cover of classic Talking Heads single ”ËœPsycho Killer’, a cover drawing parallels between the thoughtful guitar pop of seminal David Byrne fronted outfit and the on-the-rise Tapestry. Having previously supported Pete Doherty, a support slot with The View next month is cause for excitement amongst the band. Self titled singalong ”ËœTapestry’ closes the proceedings, with the song’s chorus still being chanted by the audience as the band leave the stage. An emotional night and clearly marking a significant point in the Tapestry’s progression, this sell out gig was proof of something exciting dwelling within Manchester to silence the naysayers and the hipsters.

All words by Fergal Kinney. More writing by Fergal can be found here.

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  1. It was a top gig. Most people there were dressed in green, there was even a couple of lads wearing morph suits and some birds dressed as trees. All the green balloons flying about as well. Was a proper top party. Quality band the tapestry

  2. Heres a video of the gig – the one above is from the castle in Oldham, not Manchester…

    Thanks to Sophie for sending us the video

  3. Top gig, top band as always. Couldn’t get in the room as it was hammered but could hear them where we were sat. Brilliant night with The Tapestry ‘faithful’ in attendance. Roll on next Sunday (19th) with The View. Tap Tap!

  4. We couldnt get in ;((((( The que was right out of the front door of the pub. It looked and sounded brilliant from outside though

  5. Their Talking Heads cover was brilliant yet my least least favorite of the night – that just goes to show just how good every single song of their own is. Does anyone know why these havent been snapped up yet?! they should be headlining festivals with tunes like that

  6. Mighty band and deadly tunes……. love these guys and will be seeing them perform again real soon……….damn straight !!


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