The Tapestry: Band on the Wall, Manchester – live review

The Tapestry

Band on the Wall, Manchester

8th Feb 2015

Katie Clare gets wowed by Manchester four piece The Tapestry, a self-styled “dirty garage pop” band currently building a reputation for themselves as a “must see” live act.

When you get home with a Cheshire Cat grin bigger than the Manchester wheel you know the band that put it there have something very special about them and tonight that band was The Tapestry.

The Tapestry: Band on the Wall, Manchester – live reviewThe Manchester based four piece, have come highly recommended and they certainly live up to it in fact they exceed expectations, Liam Faherty on vocals and guitar, Katy Baker on bass, Zara Finnegan on drums and Dyna on guitar are stomping out some pretty glam heavy richness tonight at the start of their 2015 tour.

The powerhouse drumming sets a thundering course that the bass melodiously skips along side, the guitars bounce about the two with a certain playfulness. I don’t know the words of the songs so I can’t chant along with the front row but I want to! Straining to hear through the crowds cheers as singer Liam shares what’s up next but it’s undefinable: each track however is an amalgamation of those skilfully tight beats of alternating escalations that land like giant boulders as the intoxicating melody of voice and guitar manages to not only hold it’s own but rises with the drums.

One of the tracks of the new single (a double A side) Infatuation heralds the the end of the set the whole band leading their vocal strengths to the excellently executed fusion of post punk pop.  The final song of the night Tear Up brings things to an end to soon the well informed audience sing, swagger and with arms in the arm gesticulate in perfect time to each punctuated note, the band delivering songs dipped in past identifiers: a tang of Roxy Music here, a sniff of The Cure there however they are all bundled together with a fresh quirky feeling of youthful euphoria – a truly heady mix.


The band’s new single Infatuation / Look Out is available now to download from iTunes and in limited numbers on vinyl.

You can find out more about The Tapestry and keep up to date with live / release information via their Facebook and Twitter (@The_Tapestry) pages.

The band are currently on tour contact the venues or check out their websites for ticket information:

  • Friday 13th February – Old Brown Jug, Stoke,
  • Saturday 28th February – Night & Day Cafe, Manchester
  • Friday 6th March – Princess Alice, Middlesbrough,
  • Saturday 7th March – Under Bar, Blackpool,
  • Thursday 12th March – Jazz Cafe, London,
  • Saturday 14th March – Ruby Lounge, Manchester,
  • Friday 27th March – Camden Barfly, London,
  • Saturday 18th April – Bisley Pavilion, Woking,
  • Sunday 24th May – The Ethiad, Manchester City FC,
  • Saturday 25th July – Blackthorn Festival, Marple

All words by Katie Clare. More writing by Katie on Louder Than War can be found at her author’s archive. She can also be found on Twitter where she uses the handle @tokyo_katie.

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  1. Great review sums up the excitement of seeing this band it was my 4th maybe 5th time seeing them and they surpassed all previous nights


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