The Sunshine Underground: London – live review

The Sunshine Underground
XOYO London
November 27th 2013

Are The Sunshine Underground still the same band Keith Goldhanger fell in love with? He goes to XOYO to find out.

It’s been a while y’know but we trust you.

We trust you enough to be brilliant and to remind us of how much we loved you without making such statements public.

The Sunshine Underground have made nights like this easy.

It’s Only You is one of the tunes of the year.

It came to us out of the blue earlier this year and however often we heard whispers from people about the band’s “change of direction” we didn’t care or expect anything less that what we had before which is a progression from what we had previously not a change. A change would mean none of this evening’s strong set of songs would make any sense played together in this packed room.

If this new tune we own already is something to cherish for a few years to come, which some of us believe it is, then we are happy to report that the other new ones we hear tonight are also just as exciting and contain one or two that could possibly be permanent staples on the Indie disco dance floors if they’re not already, alongside those Pulp and Blur songs that everyone already knows and never forgets.

We ask ourselves at times tonight what happened to Friendly Fires and the old tunes remind us of those dizzy nights out waving our arms in the air and having a bloody good shout in unison with hundreds of other like minded souls all celebrating …. well …. just being under the same roof at the same time. We’re being reminded tonight of the tunes we just fuckin’ loved and wouldn’t let go …. er how many years ago ? …. well not that many really, but enough to welcome them back like the long lost friends they’ve become without much of a huge campaign to remind us but a few genuine smiles once they arrive on stage to keep asking us if we’re alright (we are) and thanking us for leaving our houses this evening.

We left our houses to hear not only the new stuff but to be reminded of the tunes that kept us happy from the first two albums.

Borders, Put You In Your Place, Commercial Breakdown, Somebody’s Always Getting In The Way just to name four tear jerking arm waving shout along moments that sound great. They actually sound better than ever, fresh as daisies and we have here a band that provides us with epic singalong and dancealong tunes that no one else can match. Sure, there’s many bands in this world we can sing along to but how many can we sing along to whilst chewing the insides of our cheeks and dancing like we would do on a Chemical (Brothers) night out?

Please Please please will someone put these on late at night next year in a field so we can happily forget all our troubles and dance like the idiots we like to think we can be and get away with being well after our bedtimes ?

Tonight is all about being reminded about how fucking ace this band are and how ace they will continue to be. We’re treated to what seems like new song/old song/new song rotation and we really like what we hear. So many (dance/indie) classics that the rest of the world may still need to catch up on and hopefully will do eventually.

Craig Wellington’s voice is one of the best there is. A voice that pulls on the heartstrings and manages line after line after line without pausing for breath. A voice that we all want to sing along with.

There’ll be a third album out in the new year. It’ll be ace. its available on Pledge Music here (i’m sure you know how it works) ….

In the meantime, as mentioned previously, If anyone wants to know what my tune of the year in 2013 is …..


The Sunshine Underground: best new band of 2014 for many and an excuse to simply carry on where we left off for the rest of us.


The Sunshine Underground can be found on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and SoundCloud.

All words by Keith Goldhanger. More work by Keith on Louder Than War can be found here. He’s also on SoundCloud here, Facebook here and tweets as @HideousWheeelInv.

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